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Tech billionaire parenting

Tech billionaire parenting

Movies/TV serving unrealistic expectations, among other lies.....for the gullible consumers.....

Movies/TV serving unrealistic expectations, among other lies.....for the gullible consumers.....

Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary; 1:08:20 Min.; Ima mogucnost prevoda!

Published on Aug 13, 2016
Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary | Mainstream Media Exposed
The TV Mind Control Movie (Remade and Enhanced)

Gathered & Edited by ODD TV

-TV is a Weapon for Mind Control
-They've been Doing it Since the Beginning
-They Program Us Early On in Life
-Operation Mockingbird & Crisis Actors
-All News Outlets are Controlled by One Entity
-Repetitive Keywords to Keep us in a State of Fear
-Digital Sigils for Inducing a Trance
-Predictive Programming
-Dumbing Down the Population
-Conspiracy Ridicule

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yah1 week ago
Truth is so rare that it is delightful to tell it. Quote Emily Dickinson)
For the 1st time ever the ultimate Truth of Life has been revealed, it explains in the most accurate but simple way the big picture of life in every facet. The truth explains how life works, the nature of everything, including the real truth about the nature of the mind and the key to overcome the mental prison permantly. Google *TruthContest and read the Present
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Rosie Hackett
Rosie Hackett4 days ago (edited)
I don't own a TV, for over 17 years now & when my kids were little, they only got to watch one hour per night. They watched Andy Griffith & Superman, their choice.
Ain't Like it Used to Be
Ain't Like it Used to Be5 days ago
Priceless Documentary.
Mina300000001 week ago
Who even watches TV anymore LOL
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Barbi Mcgill
Barbi Mcgill3 months ago
Nice share , thanks so much !!! It is sad what we have fallen for , now is the time to break free though . I havent had tv in over a year and I dont miss it .
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Barbi Mcgill
Barbi Mcgill2 months ago
+T. Case Yes sadly they are and all we can do it make videos trying to snap them out of the trance , I do what I can to spread the word !
T. Case
T. Case2 months ago
Great job, Barbi! 
KEVIN HESKETH2 weeks ago
the uk and usa are involved in a mind control experiment.Using gangstalking and bombardment of hypnotic suggestion to not only control a mans life but ruin it.Hypnotic suggestion of television scripts down loaded into the brain.A sound weapon that damages the left side of the brain to make it absorb hypnotic suggestions and store them like a hard drivr for later release and reaction.The uk nhs,olice,family of the target are involve in this experiment so work becomes a gilded cage,you can`t just run off with the bruise on the brain.
You know when you`ve been mindraped,a little tiredness and may be hearing the hypnotic suggestion hours after its played.The person behind is now called Mengele the mindrapists by the target of his abuse.A way to cope.The left side can be dampened down with pain killers of anything that gives a sedative effect.Its not a way to live but where do go for help with authorities ans family co-operating in a mind control experiment on a blood brother or blood relative.Its like being a slave and what family would deny themselves a new sister in law and nephews into their lives?The targets brothers have.Television companies feed and exploit people.Some people with problems are even advised that to air their problems on tv,they can help their case.This is not true,they only feed off people to make money for their share holders by getting cash from advertising.TV is a business and profit comes first.Mengele the mindrapist and the dirty tricks are something people should be warned about.
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Professor K Love
Professor K Love2 weeks ago
obsessive with the twin towers...goes on and on !
damistro12 weeks ago
Hey Odd, good video... I wonder if we could design and fabricate glasses that alter the flicker rate so programs can somewhat safely be viewed..Especially for children,if they are going to watch the idiot box..



Asks children as young as two to talk about ‘boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls’

 | - SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 

A whistleblower working at a state-run kindergarten in Sweden has revealed how officials told her never refer to children as “he” or “she,” to encourage boys to wear dresses, and to initiate conversations with children as young as two about “boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls.”

In an interview with Världen idag, “Anna,” who has been working in the kindergarten for two years, said she was quickly informed that telling children something they were wearing was “nice” was forbidden and that the pre-schoolers should not be assigned genders.

When Anna read books to the children, she noticed that all mentions of “he” or “she” had been covered with Tipp-Ex and replaced with the gender neutral pronoun “hen”.

She later discovered that the popular “Emil and Pippi” books had been thrown away because they didn’t feature any gender neutral characters and the bookshelves had “been filled with children’s books with subjects such as transsexuality and homosexuality.”

Anna also asserted that children as young as one and two were partaking in group discussions where they were told by teachers “that a girl could fall in love with a girl and boy in a boy.” The toddlers were then asked “Who are you in love with?”

A confused little boy responded, “My Lego.”

Dolls, cars and trains have also been banned at the pre-school because they are gender-normative, while a boy who dressed up in a fireman’s outfit was told by a teacher to take it off and wear a dress instead even though he didn’t want to.

“I do not want a dress, I want this,” the boy said, to which the teacher responded, “But you know you’ll have a dress?”

Anna reveals how even some of the parents are on board with the indoctrination. When a mother came to pick up her son, Anna said to the boy, “Your mom is here,” to which the mother responded, “I’m not their mother, I’m a parent.”

Officials also told Anna not to say “Mom” and “Dad” because “a child can have two custodians of the same gender.”

Anna says that a 3-year-old girl who once proclaimed “I’m a boy today!” later asked her, “Am I a boy or girl?” to which Anna firmly responded, “You are a girl.”

“I cannot follow those rules. I just cannot. They are against everything I know,” concluded Anna.

The kindergarten in question was not named by the newspaper because they didn’t want to expose their source.

Since 1998, the Swedish government’s guidelines on schooling have “forbidden enforcing gender stereotypes, and government funded gender neutral kindergartens with gender aware teachers has made it possible for families to raise their children without a set gender identity,” according to a VICE report.

The populist Sweden Democrats just increased their presence in parliament after the country’s latest election, but given stories like this, in addition to Sweden’s rampant problem with crime, rape and mass immigration, one wonders whether it’s too late.


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an hour ago

‘boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls’ 

isn't that assuming genders? lol Sweden is done.

135 points

an hour ago

1984. This is it.

160 points

5 hours ago

What’s wrong with the parents who let their kids go to schools like that. Any thinking and caring parent would remove their kids out of a school like that immediately and never take them back.

350 points

7 hours ago

Will MuzzleSwede I mean Sweden force children to change their sex if the classroom has more males then females, opp's sorry I forgot there are no male or female children there. 

The decent God fearing people have not risen up to complain, Op's sorry again , they are not allowed to complain only the Muslims 7 LGBT people and are allowed to complain. 

235 points

8 hours ago

F sweden....anyone who wants this country: its yours...there are no men

710 points

8 hours ago

Sounds like a perfect plan to create a whole race of swine which will have to be exterminated in coming years/decades -- THIS IS SIMPLY CHILD ABUSE IN THE MAX. 


755 points

8 hours ago

There is no "slippery slope". This is not radical leftist LGBT indoctrination, no no, it's "encouraging diversity" and "guided self realisation". 

And to think SJW activists used to tell us that ALL THEY WANTED was marriage "equality" and "rights". Nothing more. Now the majority have actually believed them ! Too late now, you fools. This is the sickening result of your gullibility.


1.9K points

8 hours ago

Wellll even mohammed was a pedophile who married an eight year old girl and later wanted to marry a baby and said that he received his best 'revelations' while wearing his child bride Aisha's clothes.

2.5K points

13 hours ago

Only sexual perverts in charge would dare promote this kind of crap. Parents should rise up against this.

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8 hours ago

"...Parents should rise up against this....". 

Really ? How many of these same parents voted for same-sex "marriage" believing the deceptive leftist propaganda that it was only about achieving "equality" ? They have THEMSELVES to blame for this outcome. Those with insight knew this sort of brainwashing would be the logical progression from that.

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14 hours ago

The people directing these individuals to destroy nations starting by the youth , hate society , they want us all dead , and they probably worship satan. Very mentally ill and its all over europe , not sure whats going on fueling this , other than peoples careers being threatened if they choose not to partake in this stuff. I suspect though , from a hypothetical standpoint , that there may be a outside influence , demonic , that has came to our realm over there that's been granted to create this toxic environment , probably not too hard to do considering how easy people are to target these days , since everyone is so materialized and immoral .

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15 hours ago

This is Legalized INSANITY!

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