Kliknite na sliku- RT News - 17-07-21, Razdor u Eu zbog insistiranja na pravima LGBT manjine preko moralnih normi i pravnog suveriniteta zemalja clanica i njihove vecine u Poljskoj i Madjarskoj. Eu lideri inistiraju da je novi Evropski zakon stariji (superior) od tradicionalnog zakona ostalih clanica i stoga se moraju svi povinovati novim propisima(nema se vise ni individualnog niti nacionalnog suveriniteta clanica niti njihovih drzavljana).
-pocinje pozoriste na mnogim i paralelnim scenama naseg zivote: politika, "demokratija"/"ne demokratija"/color revolucije, kultura, moral, sistem vrednosti, ekonomija, ekoloske krize/poplave/zemljotresi,vrucine-suse-glad, zime, pozari, cunami,lokalni ratovi-Krim i Ukraina, Afganistan, Cuba...., pandemije, epidemije.., sve i sve, samo da se narod ne opseti i pobuni na "vladare"- i da se sprece revelucije nezadovoljstva/zbog dosadasnjeg bankrotirajuceg knjigovodstva, i da se mase nastavlaju zabljavajati. A uvek ce se morati i naci krivac za urus...avanje sadasnjeg "Diznilenda" (Covid-19, ....... etc.) Vidi YouTub...

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Za proveriti........u tacnost slike?

Za proveriti........u tacnost slike?

Teen Cannabis Use Increases Risk of Depression, Suicide

February 22, 2019 
Gabriella Gobbi, MD, PhD

Cannabis use during adolescence is associated with an increased risk of developing depression or suicidal behavior in young adulthood, even in teens with no depressive symptoms prior to starting cannabis, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis published online in JAMA Psychiatry.

“When we started this study, we expected depression to be a factor attributable to cannabis consumption, but we were quite surprised about suicide behavior rates,” said researcher Gabriella Gobbi, MD, PhD, of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. “Indeed, a significant percentage of suicidal attempts are linked to cannabis.”

The systematic review and meta-analysis spanned 11 studies and 23,317 people. After adjusting for baseline depression, anxiety, and suicidality, the odds ratio of developing depression between ages 18 and 32 with adolescent cannabis use, compared with no cannabis use, was 1.37, researchers reported. The odds ratio for suicidal ideation was 1.50, and for suicide attempt was 3.46. The odds ratio for anxiety was a statistically insignificant 1.18.

“The study suggests the diagnosis of depression in approximately 7% of Canadians and Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 is linked to cannabis, meaning 25,000 young Canadians and 400,000 young Americans suffer from depression because of earlier cannabis consumption,” said researcher Nancy Mayo, PhD, of McGill University.

According to the authors, more than 20% of adolescents in the United States report monthly use of cannabis. In Canada, 15- to 25-year-olds constitute the majority of the population reporting cannabis use.

“It is clear that a lot of young people consuming cannabis are at risk of developing depression and suicidal behavior, so it is very important for authorities to be more proactive in campaigning for prevention,” said Dr. Gobbi. “We hope the findings will spur public health organizations to apply preventative strategies to reduce the use of cannabis among youth.”

—Jolynn Tumolo



Social Media Linked to Higher Risk of Depression in Teen Girls

By Reuters Staff

LONDON—Teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to show depressive symptoms linked to social media use - mainly due to online harassment and disturbed sleep, as well as poor body image and lower self-esteem, researchers have found.

In a study analyzing data from nearly 11,000 young people in Britain, researchers found that 14-year-old girls were heavier users of social media, with two-fifths of them using it for more than three hours a day, compared with a fifth of boys.

The study also found that 12 percent of light social media users and 38 percent of heavy social media users (five-plus hours a day) showed signs of having more severe depression.

When the researchers looked at underlying processes that might be linked with social media use and depression, they found 40 percent of girls and 25 percent of boys had experience of online harassment or cyberbullying. Disrupted sleep was reported by 40 percent of girls compared with 28 percent of boys. Anxiety and poor sleep are both linked to depression.

Girls were also more affected when it came to social media use and concerns about body image, self-esteem and appearance, the researchers found, but here the gap with boys was smaller.

Yvonne Kelly, a professor at University College London's Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care who co-led the research, urged parents and policymakers to note its results.

"These findings are highly relevant to current policy development on guidelines for the safe use of social media and calls on industry to more tightly regulate hours of social media use for young people," she said in a statement.

She said families may also "want to reflect on when and where it's ok to be on social media" and consider restrictions on teenagers having mobile devices in their bedrooms.

The study, funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), was published online January 4 in EClinicalMedicine, published by The Lancet.

SOURCE: https://bit.ly/2s9raJ9

EClinicalMedicine 2019.




Nay Sayer  6 days ago

What in the world is wrong with people? The left had gone completely mental with everything they do! Unreal! Who, in their right mind as a loving caring parent would teach their children this garbage? Unreal!

Published: Nov 19-2018

Social justice indoctrination camp.

Tags: brainwashedhateindoctrinationinfowarsjosephjusticekidspaulpeoplesocialwatsonwhite

Published:  Nov 19-2018

 A new report from Paul Joseph Watson reveals the depths to which the left will go to indoctrinate future generations of children. Alex breaks down the globalist agenda to sterilize the population.






6-year-olds being made to write gay love letters to promote diversity

BBC publishes video showing 6-year-olds being made to write gay love letters to promote diversity

Oct 1, 2018 1:43 pm

A school in England teaches 6-year-old children about gay marriage in a unique way. (Image source: Facebook video screenshot)


  • The BBC’s Radio Manchester shared a video on the organization’s Facebook page in September that’s making the rounds and going viral.

What’s the video all about?

The video features 6-year-olds writing letters from one male story character to another male story character, imploring him to marry the other.

Featuring pupils from Bewsey Lodge Primary School — which is in Warrington, in England’s Cheshire region — the video shows children pen a note from “Prince Henry” to his servant “Thomas.”

The students’ teacher, Sarah Hopson, told the BBC what was happening in the video — which, at the time of this writing, has been viewed more than 180,000 times.

“This class of 6-year-olds is learning about gay marriage. In this fairy tale, the prince wants to marry his [male] servant. And the children are writing a love letter,” Hopson said.

She noted that she believes it’s important for children to learn about gay marriage at such a young age because those same children would “go out into that world and find this diversity around them, and they’ll find that out at a young age as well.”

“[T]he more [children] can be accepting at this age, you’re not going to face it further on, because the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them,” she added.

According to Bewsey Lodge Primary School’s website, the school teaches “PSHE,” which stands for “Personal, Social, and Health Education.” Under the PSHE umbrella, topics like transgenderism, sexuality, and relationships are discussed. PSHE is taught from nursery age to year 6. Additionally, the school has “non-gender-specific” uniforms.

Anything else?  In June, the school received an award and became the first school in the region to win a LGBT+ award. According to the Warrington Guardian, the school received the “Educate and Celebrate” Best Practice Gold Award. The award was for tackling “homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying in schools,” according to the outlet. 

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio signs bill adding gender ‘X’ option on birth certificates

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio signs bill adding gender ‘X’ option on birth certificates

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a bill Tuesday that allows a third gender option on birth certificates. Today, we're making history again in the fight for dignity and respect," de Blasio tweeted. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


- Under the new law, New Yorkers would also no longer be required to provide documentation from a doctor or health care provider to order to change their birth certificate.

“You don’t need a doctor to tell you who you are, and you shouldn’t need a doctor to change your birth certificate to reflect your true self,” Council Speaker Corey Johnson said after the bill was passed, according to the New York Daily News. “Some people don’t want to check off male or female, and this is going to give them that third option.”

The law is expected to make it easier for people to obtain various forms of identification that reflect their gender identity. Previously, the gender on a person’s driver license or other official ID was determined by the gender listed on their birth certificate, which in some cases, didn’t match the person’s chosen identity.

“Today is a landmark day for our city,” Johnson said after the bill was signed, WLNY reported. “New York is sending a clear message to people who are transgender, gender non-conforming and nonbinary that we are here for you. This law will help those friends, neighbors, and colleagues better self-identify on their birth certificates, a document that’s so important in everyday life.”

Johnson introduced the measure in June. It was passed by the New York City Council last month.

Does the law apply to children?
The law will permit children 18 and younger to change the gender identity on their birth certificates with parental consent.

Parents already have the option to choose undetermined on their children’s birth certificates, according to the Daily News. The undetermined option shows up as a series of asterisks on the document.

When does the law go into effect?
The law will go into effect on Jan. 1.

Before 2014, New Yorkers who wanted to change their gender identity on birth certificates were required to have had gender reassignment surgery.

What else?
The states of New Jersey, Oregon, California, and Washington also have nonbinary gender options for individuals who don’t identify as a man or woman, according to the Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project, which tracks such legislative changes.

Maine, Oregon, and Washington, D.C., also allow persons to choose nonbinary options on their driver’s license. Californians will have that option beginning in January.


- City Hall in the X-treme

The City Hall press release was overflowing with superlatives. The action was “historic,” a “landmark” and “groundbreaking.”

Did Mayor Putz find a cure for homelessness? Did he solve the problem of failing schools? Did he fix public housing or the subways?

Nah, the small stuff is beneath him. His “stop the presses” accomplishment was signing legislation putting a third gender on city birth certificates.

As his office described it, “In addition to the ‘male’ and ‘female’ designations, birth certificates will also show an ‘X,’ allowing gender non-binary people who identify neither as men nor women to have a birth certificate that more accurately reflects their identities.”

The law takes effect Jan. 1 and removes the requirement that a medical or mental health professional affirm an individual’s gender to change the certificate.

The effect is that anyone can simply demand a new birth certificate and choose a new gender. It’s not clear if there are age requirements or limits to the number of times an individual can make changes.

To the roster of activist groups hailing the action, the change is something of a Holy Grail. First lady Chirlane McCray suggested it was just a first step, saying, “We will not stop there — we strive to extend that dignity to every aspect of life.”

I don’t doubt that gender identity is a serious, complex issue for some people. But I do wonder about the impact of this dramatic change on society, including gender roles in everything from sports to toilets, and about the priorities of the mayor and City Council.

Do they have the same passion for public safety and good schools? Do they care as much about the unfairness of the tax system?

My fear is that they don’t, and that their intensity about narrow issues is a fig leaf hiding their surrender on broad ones. There are superlatives for that, too.

Disgraceful, cowardice and shameful come to mind.

Swedish professor accused of bigotry for saying men and women ‘biologically different’



Published time: 17 Sep, 2018 15:18

© Robin Olimb / Getty Images

A Swedish university is investigating a professor for “anti-feminism” and “transphobia” after he said there are biological differences between men and women. He is being urged to retract his comments.

The professor, Germund Hesslow, who works in neurophysiology at Lund University, was accused by a student of making “transphobic” and “anti-feminist” statements in a lecture — but he has refused to back down.

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During his course on ‘Heritage and Environment’ at the leading academic institution, Hesslow cited empirical research which supports the idea that there are differences between men and women which are “biologically founded” and therefore genders cannot be regarded as “social constructs alone”.

The complainant suggested that Hesslow’s comments were at odds with the Swedish “value base” — a concept which requires all schools in Sweden to adhere to a common ethical policy, which includes upholding values like egalitarianism, individual freedom and equality of the sexes.

In an interview with RT, Hesslow said that some students, “for ideological reasons,” don't like to hear certain scientific facts about biological differences between men and women. He said that the comments which prompted the complaint were not even necessarily part of his course material, but that they were answers to students’ questions during the course of the lecture.

“If you answer such a question you are under severe time pressure, you have to be extremely brief — and I used wording which I think was completely innocuous, and that apparently the student didn't,” Hesslow said.

Hesslow was summoned to a meeting by Christer Larsson, the chairman of the program board for medical education, after one female student complained that the professor had expressed his“personal anti-feminist agenda,” Academic Rights Watch reported.

The university asked Hesslow to “distance” himself from two specific comments; that gay women have a “male sexual orientation” and that whether transsexuality is a sexual orientation is “a matter of definition”. The professor refused to back away from the comments, saying that he had “done enough” already to “explain and defend” his choice of words.

“At some point, one must ask for a sense of proportion among those involved. If it were to become acceptable for students to record lectures in order to find compromising formulations and then involve faculty staff with meetings and long letters, we should let go of the medical education altogether,” he said in a written reply to Larsson.

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In his response, Hesslow also rejected the notion that he had a “political agenda” and said his only agenda was to let scientific fact, not new conventional wisdom, steer university proceedings. “Ideology, politics and prejudice form the conventional outlook, not science,” he said.

Asked whether or not he thought the incident had been a “misunderstanding” or part of some broader pattern, Hesslow told RT that he believed the student in question was simply “someone who dislikes the lecture and is trying to find various pretexts for attacking it.”

Hesslow also told RT that the university rector had ordered a “full investigation” into the case and said that there “have been discussions about trying to stop the lecture or get rid of me, or have someone else give the lecture or not give the lecture at all.” He also suggested that the university could use his age as a “pretext” to take him off the course, because he is past retirement age.







'Highly medicalized culture' in US leads to high risk of multiple drugs fatally interacting – study

Published time: 27 Aug, 2018 20:59Edited time: 28 Aug, 2018 11:39

A pharmacy employee places instructional stickers on a prescription bottle. © Lucas Jackson / Reuters

One in 12 of US children who use prescription drugs on a regular basis is at risk of a major drug interaction that could stop their heart, a new study says. The authors cited America's tendency to turn to pills over other options.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, found that one in every 12 children using two or more medications together are "potentially at risk for a major drug interaction" known as drug-drug interactions, or DDIs, lead researcher Dima Qato said, as quoted by HealthDay. 

Most of those potential interactions "create dangerous heart rhythms called arrhythmias, which might lead to sudden cardiac death," Qato said.

The research consisted of analyzing the medication-use patterns of more than 23,000 children and adolescents living in the US, based on data collected as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2003 to 2014.

They found that approximately 7.5 percent of children used multiple medications simultaneously. Among those, one in 12 was at risk.

The large majority of potential DDIs involved anti-depressants, with the most common adverse interaction being QT prolongation – an abnormal heart rhythm that can cause sudden death in children. That risk is "especially noteworthy,"the researchers said, as that condition often shows no symptoms.

Adolescent girls were found to be at the highest risk, according to the research, which was published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday. 

"The gender difference was largely due to the higher concurrent use of antidepressants with acute medications like NSAIDs, anti-emetics and macrolide antibiotics in adolescent girls," Qato said in a press release. 

Concern about suicide was also present for the researchers, as the study found that prescription medications which are associated with an increased risk of suicide are among the most commonly used drugs, often in combination with one another. For instance, more than half of adolescent girls taking anti-depressants are also using at least two other psychotropic medications or oral contraceptives, the press release states.

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"Although there are health benefits associated with these medications, the patterns with which adolescents are using them are worrisome because suicide is a leading cause of death in older children and adolescents, and there is some evidence that the combined use of these drugs may increase the onset and severity of suicidal thoughts and behavior," Qato said.

She went on to note that America's "highly medicalized culture" is partly to blame, noting that US society "relies routinely on potentially dangerous drugs for many conditions –mental and physical– [when those are] better treated by other means."

Qato and her team said they hope the findings will be used for preventative efforts and to promote awareness of the risk of DDIs.

The research comes after an alarming study conducted in Tennessee found that about 15 percent of children in the state with minor conditions received an opioid prescription each year from 1999 to 2014. One in 2,611 of those treated experienced an adverse effect. 

The US continues to battle an opioid epidemic, with preliminary Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures estimating that 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year.

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Teen Xanax Abuse Is Surging


By: Christine Vestal Topics: Health Read time: 5 min


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Melissa Ellis, now 24, started using Xanax when she was in high school. Nationwide, treatment experts say they’re seeing a surge in Xanax use disorders among adolescents and young adults.The Pew Charitable Trusts

BALTIMORE — Teen drug use during the summer often goes unnoticed. It’s when school starts and students nod off in class, exchange pills in the hallways and fail tests that the truth becomes apparent.

This school year, addiction specialists say they’re expecting an onslaught of teens addicted to Xanax and other sedatives in a class of anti-anxiety drugs known as benzodiazepines, or “benzos.” Many teens view Xanax as a safer and more plentiful alternative to prescription opioids and heroin — with similar euphoric effects.

But addiction experts warn that the pills kids are taking, often found in their parents’ or grandparents’ medicine cabinets, can be just as deadly as opioids, especially when taken in combination with other drugs or alcohol. And it’s much harder to kick the habit.

Like any addictive substance, Xanax when used early increases the risk of addiction later in life. According to the U.S. Surgeon General’s 2016 report on drugs and alcohol, nearly 70 percent of adolescents who try an illicit drug before age 13 will develop an addiction within seven years, compared with 27 percent for those who first try an illicit drug after age 17.

Nationwide, prescription drug abuse among adolescents has dropped dramatically in the last 15 years, according to survey results published in December by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Last year’s results indicate that about 4 percent of high school seniors misused prescription painkillers, a sharp decline from 2004, when nearly 1 in 10 teens misused opioids.

In fact, an increasing percentage of high school kids — at least 26 percent of seniors in 2014, up from 5 percent in 1976 — are abstaining from all substances, including alcohol, marijuana and tobacco, according to an historical analysis of the survey data published in July.

Even so, addiction practitioners say they’re seeing a surge in the number of young patients who are hooked on Xanax. Many take high daily doses of the drug, sometimes in deadly combination with opioids and alcohol.

Addiction treatment centers are “the tip of the spear,” said Sharon Levy, director of adolescent addiction treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital and lead author of the adolescent drug use study. “We see things first. So, I’m not surprised that the spike in Xanax use isn’t reflected in national data yet.”

“Adolescent benzo use has skyrocketed,” Levy said, “and more kids are being admitted to hospitals for benzo withdrawal because the seizures are so dangerous.” At the same time, she said, far fewer kids are seeking treatment for prescription opioid addiction.

“When I ask them if they’re using opioids, they say, ‘No. I wouldn’t touch the stuff.’”

High Doses

Marc Fishman, an addiction psychiatrist and professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said benzos are quickly overtaking opioids as the primary prescription drug of abuse among the adolescent patients he sees at Mountain Manor Treatment Centers in Baltimore and other Maryland locations. And many of them are extreme, high-dose users, he said.

Clonazepam (traded as Klonopin), diazepam (Valium) and alprazolam (Xanax) are among the class of widely prescribed anti-anxiety medications known as benzodiazepines. Addiction treatment experts say teens are abusing the drugs and mixing them with opioids and alcohol.The Pew Charitable Trusts

The other problem, she said, is that adolescents think the benzos are safe because their parents use them. Many kids say they don’t take the pills to get high; they take them to feel normal, Levy said. “Some patients even ask me to just prescribe Xanax for them so they don’t have to buy it illegally. They think it’s good for them.”

“That one idea — that something is safe or beneficial or medical — has launched many an epidemic in the past,” Levy said. “So, my colleagues and I are watching this with trepidation.”

Easy to Love

Melissa Ellis, who grew up in Baltimore in what she described as an addiction-prone family, loved Xanax from the first time she tried it. “I noticed this new guy I was dating kept nodding off so I asked him what he was taking. He told me it was Xanax and gave me a handful of bars [the pill form with the highest dose]. I’d never heard of it before. But as soon as I tried it, I knew it was for me.

“It takes away everything you have in your mind that’s bothering you and everything you feel that hurts, and before you know it, those feelings are just gone.”

Melissa was 15 then and just entering high school. Now she’s 24 and struggling to take care of her 3-year-old son. She says she’s determined to beat her addiction to Xanax and be free of all drugs except the depression medicine she’s been taking for more than a decade. Otherwise, she said she could lose her son.

The first time Melissa tried to stop taking Xanax, she was four months pregnant. She managed to get through her pregnancy without relapsing. “But the day after my son was born, I told my friend in the hospital to bring me some. And I started all over again.”

Melissa also started injecting heroin then. “The two drugs are made for each other,” she said. “What one doesn’t have, the other one does. With the dope [heroin], the high doesn’t last as long as Xanax. So, I was more into the Xanax.”

But after she started combining the two, she overdosed, and her mom found her passed out on the floor one day. That’s when she first checked into Mountain Manor.

Melissa detoxed from both drugs, spent two weeks in residential treatment and started taking Suboxone to relieve her opioid cravings. She also attended outpatient classes and stayed sober for a year.

“I got so much closer to my son back then,” she said wistfully. “Everything was better. I was doing so good. But I started hanging out with old friends and I relapsed on Xanax.”

Now, she’s back at Mountain Manor, trying again. She hopes to leave treatment by the end of the week and move into a mother-and-child sober living facility nearby. For now, her mother is taking care of her son.

“It’s really hard,” Melissa says. Withdrawal from Xanax can cause irritability, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, tremors, nausea and other flu-like symptoms. And unlike opioid withdrawal, which usually lasts for about a week, it can last for months.

“Treatment is scary all around. It’s fine when you’re here. You can’t go down the street and meet your dealer. The scariest part is when you go back out there.”

Like opioids prescribed for pain, benzodiazepines prescribed for anxiety eventually stop working, forcing users to take higher and higher doses to get the same effect. Kids who can’t get the pills at home buy them on the dark web or concoct designer versions of benzos in their bathtubs, he said.

People with mental illness are at much higher risk for developing an addiction to opioids, and Fishman said the connection between mental illness and benzos is even stronger.

Three FDA-approved medicines are available to treat the symptoms of opioid addiction: buprenorphine (most often sold as Suboxone), methadone and Vivitrol, a long-acting injectable medicine that blocks the euphoric effects of opioids and alcohol.

But no medicines exist to blunt the withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with benzodiazepine addiction. Instead, patients typically enter residential treatment where a specialist gradually tapers them off the medication. If stopped too quickly, benzodiazepine withdrawal can result in seizures and even death.

For people who overdose on opioids, Narcan is widely available and can easily be administered by first responders, friends and family members to block the deadly respiratory depression of opioids. A similar drug, flumazenil, can block the respiratory depression of benzodiazepines, but it is rarely available outside of hospitals.

Plentiful Supply

The burgeoning abuse of Xanax and other benzodiazepines among high school kids and young adults over the last several years primarily stems from the fact that there are more of the pills out there, Levy argued.

As more adults are prescribed Xanax, Valium, Ativan and other benzodiazepines to calm their nerves and promote sleep, “we’re creating these vast reservoirs for kids to find,” she said.

Decu u obdaništima uče da su stvorenja bez roda! 12:34 Min. ; Ima prevod!

Published on Sep 1, 2015
Evropski političari i ministarstva pokušavaju da preko škola i obdaništa nametnu njihova shvatanja seksualne orijentacije, a to je da je heteroseksualnost naučena i da deca u ranoj mladosti ne smeju da se zbunjuju pričama da su muško ili žensko. Po njima, deca su "ono" sve dok ne izaberu koji rod žele da budu
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Neshiyo Tassa'din1 year ago (edited)
heteroseksualnost jeste naučena, kao i homoseksualnost, tako da se niko nije kao GEJ rodio, razlika između POLA i seksualnosti je ogromna, poenta je što 'naučeni' Zapad smatra da je pol=seksuanost a pol se dobija kombinacijom dnk, seksuanost (seksualno ponašanje) se UČI, dresirati decu od obdaništa (a ovo je dresura, ne vaspitanje) da je pol=seksualnost jeste pogrešno i to bi zapadnjaci trebali da znaju, jer su izvodili toliko istraživanja na temu seksualnosti (odraslih i dece), i ako je OVO ono što su zaključili, blago si ga nama crni svete... dečije interesovanje za seksualnost i polnost počinje mnogo kasnije od predškolskog perioda, ali zakonoposci i borci za društvenu pravdu koji nemaju POJMA pišu šta im se ćefne... odake znam? prosto, to mi je struka
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Victoria Veritas
Victoria Veritas1 month ago
pranje mozga
slap888 rastoke888
slap888 rastoke8882 months ago
RODNU IDEOLOGIJU ĆE DJECA NAJBOLJE da pobiju jer djeci ne možeš zamagliti ono što ona vide...to ti je kao u priči o Carevom novom ruhu...gol car je jednostavno gol car
Оливер Богдановић
Оливер Богдановић6 months ago
Због тога су западни медији и остали сатанисти са запада ,због војне параде у МОСКВИ били жестоко разочарани, што није продефиловао неки МУШКИ батаљон у СУКЊАМА ...
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rasvoja8 months ago
Misli se na rodne uloge a ne na pol. Deca i jesu tabula raza, a svemu drugom se uche. Knjizice iz serije "lisice sa dve mame" pokrivaju i jendoroditeljske, hraniteljske i sl. varijacije porodice, kako dete ne bi imalo predrasude prema drugoj deci koja dolaze iz takvih porodica. Sve u svemu video je desna ekstremna propaganda, ne opisuje se gde u kom predskolskom sistemu i kada *drzavnom/privatnom i sl. vec je sve vec "RESENA STVAR" a mi samo treba da odbranimo "dobry staru belu Evropu" od zla.
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PhobetorXVII10 months ago
Europe is doomed

Islam will tear Europe apart
Branka CI
Branka CI11 months ago
Bolesno ^^
Branka CI
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+Jacques Loussay Tiho unistavanje postojanja vrednosti porodica.
Zeljko Todorovic
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Vladimir Nikacevic
Vladimir Nikacevic1 year ago
Neprijatelj prvo udara na porodicu, jer kad unisti celiju drustva sve bolesti se lakse sire..
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U pravu ste :(
Branka CI
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Slazem se sa vama.
zoran cvejic
zoran cvejic1 year ago

Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada; 8:47 Min. ; Ima mogucnost za prevod, "CC"

Published on Jan 15, 2016
Ezra Levant on the story the rest of the media didn't report: A Montreal Muslim immigrant who brought Rotherham style sex slavery to Canada. MORE http://www.TheRebel.media
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MANY People Vanishing Into Thin Air! WHAT'S HAPPENING??? 24:32 min.; Ima mogucnost Google prevoda!

Published on Jan 5, 2014
Massive Mystery!!
People Are Vanishing Into Thin Air! WHAT'S HAPPENING??
UFOs, Government Black Ops, Creepy Creatures, or something else?
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Jeremy Corbyn: Schools Should Teach Kids Graphic Gay Sex To Kids

February 23, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai NewsUK 2

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to introduce “graphic” gay sex lessons in schools if he becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain.  

Speaking on Will Young’s Homo Sapiens podcast, Corbyn insisted that detailed instructions about how girls and boys have full-blown gay sex should become part of the national curriculum.

Rt.com reports: During his appearance on the podcast, which was covered by the Gay Times, Corbyn asserted that he is fully behind a reform of the way sex, especially gay sex, is taught in schools. “Sex education should involve same-sex as well as heterosexual relationships – it’s about relationships.”

“Too much of it is not about relationships and understanding each other, having respect for each other and what is a genuine relationship and what’s an exploitative relationship; there’s a big difference. It’s giving young people the confidence to understand that a loving relationship is something to cherish and be proud of. An exploitative relationship is not.”

Host and former pop star Young said growing up gay is made harder by people ignoring it. “That’s very important and it makes me think of pornography. I think it’s so rife and people can get… people have phones when they’re younger now and whether you’re heterosexual or gay, bisexual, whatever – people will formulate their opinions on what a relationship is by watching pornography. People are ashamed to talk about sex. We’re so ashamed to talk about it. It’s about loving and being safe.”

Corbyn added: “And those who were frightened to admit their sexuality because of repression, and that goes back a long way more in history. Lord Byron spent a lot of time in Switzerland because there was no prosecutable law there like there was here at that time, like many others. I think we’ve got to learn from our history. I give Alan Turing as an example, I give Oscar Wilde – there’s a lot of others.”

The Labour leader’s support for the issue comes as politics is increasingly being played out in the classroom.

Former Tory Education Minister Justine Greening backed plans for compulsory LGBTQ-inclusive sex and relationships education, however, she is no longer in charge.

Her replacement, Damian Hinds, caused controversy earlier this week when he backed the suggestion parents could exclude their children from sex education classes.




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