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The Truth about the Hajj (David Wood) 558,495 views

Published on Sep 8, 2016
The Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Every Muslim who is physically and financially able to perform the Hajj must do so at least once in life. The Hajj takes place annually during the last month (Dhu al-Hijjah) of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Many Muslims, however, fail to realize that the pilgrimage to Mecca was once a pagan practice, and that many of the traditions associated with the Hajj have pagan origins. In this video, David Wood explores the Muslim sources to discover the truth about the Hajj.

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Published on Feb 4, 2018
Muhammad once had an adopted son, who was called "Zayd bin Muhammad" ("Zayd, son of Muhammad"). Zayd had a beautiful wife named Zaynab. One day, Muhammad went to visit his adopted son, but was greeted by his daughter-in-law, who was wearing very little clothing at the time. Muhammad began lusting after her, and when Zayd found out that his adopted father was lusting after his wife, he decided to divorce her so that Muhammad could have her. Muhammad then married Zaynab. Since critics condemned the marriage, Muhammad began receiving revelations to justify his relationship with the divorced wife of his adopted son. In order to justify the marriage, however, Muhammad had to abolish adoption in Islam.

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Muhammad Was a Sex Addict! (Fun Islamic Fact #8) 497,535 views

Published on Aug 8, 2016
Read the shocking sources about the only prophet who could have sex with nine women and girls in one night!

Here's the text of the video:

Welcome to “Fun Islamic Facts,” where I share fun facts about Muhammad and the Qur’an whenever jihadis go on a killing spree.

Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 5068:

Narrated Anas: The Prophet used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives.

Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 5215:

Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet used to pass by (have sexual relation with) all his wives in one night, and at that time he had nine wives.

Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 268:

Narrated Qatada: Anas bin Malik said, “The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number.” I asked Anas, “Had the Prophet the strength for it?” Anas replied, “We used to say that the Prophet was given the strength of thirty (men).” And Sa’id said on the authority of Qatada that Anas had told him about nine wives only (not eleven).

Notice three things about these passages.

First, Muhammad had at least nine wives at one time, even though Surah 4, verse 3 of the Qur’an limits Muslim men to four wives. If the Qur’an limits men to four wives, why did Muhammad have at least nine wives at one time? Well, Muhammad received a special revelation (Surah 33, verse 50 of the Qur’an), giving him, and him alone, the right to break the four-wife limit. How convenient.

Second, Muhammad would have sex with at least nine women and girls in one day, even though he was more than 50 years old. Today, we would call him a “sex addict.” Isn’t it interesting that a sex addict who claimed to be a prophet conveniently received a revelation giving him more sexual partners than anyone else?

Third, how did Muhammad’s followers know that he was having sex with all of his wives in one day? How did they know he wasn't simply chatting with his wives? It seems that the prophet of Islam must have been bragging about all the sex he was having, so much so that his followers could in turn brag about him having the sexual strength of thirty men.

Our Muslim friends tell us that Islam is a religion of modesty. A closer look shows that Islam is a religion whose supreme role model was a sex addict who built a religion around his sexual desires and constantly bragged about his sexual exploits with women, a prepubescent girl, and his slave-girls. So much for modesty.

The Origin of the Hijab - Allah Takes Orders From a Man 55,213 views

Apostate Prophet
Premiered Dec 14, 2018
Let's look at the origin of the hijab, where Allah takes orders from a human, Umar, friend and advisor of Mohammed. This brings us very close to the realization that Islam is a hoax in its entirety.

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Apostate Prophet
Published on Feb 16, 2018
Muslims usually react a bit angry to criticism, to say the least. Let's find out why. Quick note: Nigeria is not necessarily a "Muslim country", but apostasy laws exist only in its Muslim states. Don’t forget to share this video, if you like it. :)

David Wood Destroys Zakir Naik on the Crucifixion of Jesus! 675,342 views

Published on May 1, 2017
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Zakir Naik is a fake Muslim debater who has spent his entire career running from the challenges of experienced Christian debaters. When we examine his arguments, we see why he refuses to face actual debaters. Naik claims that, according to the New Testament, Jesus survived crucifixion. In this video, David Wood takes a closer look at Zakir Naik's argument and gives ten reasons that destroy his case.

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Apostate Prophet
Published on Dec 28, 2018
Mohammed gave us great wisdom, 1400 years ago, about all the scientifically proven acts that Satan performs in our daily life, including filling our ears with urine. Beware of Satan. Don't let him sleep inside your nose. Sources below.

The Early Spread of Christianity and Islam (David Wood) 119,355 views

Published on Nov 5, 2016
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"Islam: The World's Fastest-Growing Religion":

Muslims often claim that the spread of Islam during the time of Muhammad is miraculous proof that Islam is true. In this video, David Wood examines the real reasons for the early spread of Islam, and compares the spread of Islam with the spread of Christianity.

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Published on Apr 21, 2018
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Jordan Peterson talks about the difference between the culture of Islam and the western world and western civilization.

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Published on Jun 9, 2017
Why would a devout Muslim leave Islam? David Wood interviews ex-Muslim Al Fadi on why he converted to Christianity.

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Published on Aug 24, 2018
The Sword Verse is probably the most controversial detail of the Quran. Many critics of Islam use it, while modern "moderate" Islamic apologists try to tell us a different story. Let's have a look at the most violent part of the Quran, in the light of fundamental Islamic scripture and Islamic exegeses.

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Zayn Malik leaves Islam, Sinead O'Connor "joins" Islam.
7 minutes wasted...

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