LGBT thought police now a danger to public health

Mike Adams - OCTOBER 19, 2018 


In “progressive” America today, you’re no longer allowed to mention the scientific facts about the spread of STDs among gay men.

Twitter has just banned LifeSiteNews for daring to report the scientific facts about gay sex spreading many blood-borne diseases. Because the LGBT thought police now run all the tech giants, any fact-based reports that don’t worship anal sex as an ultra-clean lifestyle of purity and godliness are quickly banned by the tech giants.

With this bowing down to the anti-science lunacy of the LGBT propagandists, Twitter now underscores why it is a danger to the public health of all Americans. Articles that discuss infectious diseases among heterosexual couples are openly allowed, of course, because according to the LGBT cultists, straight heterosexual intercourse is “strange” and “weird.” But articles that discuss the health risks associated with anal penetrative sexual intercourse are verboten.

Science, in other words, is now deemed “hate speech” by the clueless, scientifically illiterate LGBT crusaders who spent their college years learning how to be “social justice warriors” rather than informed biologists. Fact-based reality has been overthrown by LGBT-protective tech monopolists who control all online conversations by asserting authoritarian control over thoughts and speech. They’ve unanimously decided that protecting their false narratives of “safe” anal sex are far more important than educating the public about how anal cancer is actually spread. (Hint: Primarily through anal sex, in case you haven’t figured that out yet…)


The full story from LifeSiteNews:

October 18, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Twitter has just locked LifeSiteNews out of our Twitter account over an article we posted four years ago that provided expert analysis on the rise in sexually-transmitted diseases among homosexuals.

The 2014 piece by Dr. Gerard M. Nadal, a molecular biologist and microbiologist who is also president and CEO of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, responds to media coverage of what was at the time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new annual report on STDs.

Contrary to the consensus that the “reason for the documented continued rise in syphilis (primarily affecting homosexuals) has more to do with homophobia than anything else,” Dr. Nadal attributes the rise to factor such as an “upward trend in unprotected sex” and 60% of homosexual men failing to disclose their symptoms or status to sex partners.

He cited data from mainstream sources such as the CDC, a then-recent New York Times report, and a 2006 study in the journal AIDS Behavior.

On October 18, 2018, however, LifeSiteNews received the following message, notifying staff that Twitter was locking the account because the 2014 tweet sharing the story’s neutral, factual headline violated “our rules against hateful conduct,” and somehow “promote[d] violence against, threaten[ed], or harass[ed] other people on the basis of […] sexual orientation […], or serious disease.”

No further elaboration was given. A length of time for the lockout was not specified. The only recourse offered was for LifeSite to remove the tweet or start an appeal process. For the moment, LifeSite staff cannot post to or otherwise operate @LifeSitein any way.

“This total intolerance for even reporting government health dept statistics that reveal the health dangers of homosexual activity betrays what Peter Thiel, himself a homosexual, previously called a totalitarian mindset in Silicon Valley,” said Steve Jalsevac, co-founder and president of LifeSiteNews.

“Twitter is now trying to force news agencies to report only what is acceptable to their personal, biased views and shutting down balanced, factual reporting on the homosexual issue.”

“This is getting dangerous for our democracy since a free press is one of the basic and necessary foundations for a genuinely democratic society,” Jalsevac warned. “This is getting scary. It is in everyone’s interest to fight this type of action and even demand government intervention to protect our rights.”

Just the day before, former LifeSiteNews reporter and Americans For Truth About Homosexuality ( president Peter LaBarbera revealed at LifeSiteNewsthat Twitter had recently banned him on the same grounds, over a 2016 tweet describing homosexual acts as a “sin” that “spreads disease.”

“If Twitter no longer allows its users to advocate for healthy behaviors on its platform, and to defend their sincere moral and religious beliefs–shared by billions worldwide–then it will devolve into a bland, politically correct echo-chamber,” LaBarbera warned.

LifeSiteNews has created a petition here urging Twitter to un-block LifeSite’s account.

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