Oct 1, 2018 1:43 pm

A school in England teaches 6-year-old children about gay marriage in a unique way. (Image source: Facebook video screenshot)


  • The BBC’s Radio Manchester shared a video on the organization’s Facebook page in September that’s making the rounds and going viral.

What’s the video all about?

The video features 6-year-olds writing letters from one male story character to another male story character, imploring him to marry the other.

Featuring pupils from Bewsey Lodge Primary School — which is in Warrington, in England’s Cheshire region — the video shows children pen a note from “Prince Henry” to his servant “Thomas.”

The students’ teacher, Sarah Hopson, told the BBC what was happening in the video — which, at the time of this writing, has been viewed more than 180,000 times.

“This class of 6-year-olds is learning about gay marriage. In this fairy tale, the prince wants to marry his [male] servant. And the children are writing a love letter,” Hopson said.

She noted that she believes it’s important for children to learn about gay marriage at such a young age because those same children would “go out into that world and find this diversity around them, and they’ll find that out at a young age as well.”

“[T]he more [children] can be accepting at this age, you’re not going to face it further on, because the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them,” she added.

According to Bewsey Lodge Primary School’s website, the school teaches “PSHE,” which stands for “Personal, Social, and Health Education.” Under the PSHE umbrella, topics like transgenderism, sexuality, and relationships are discussed. PSHE is taught from nursery age to year 6. Additionally, the school has “non-gender-specific” uniforms.

Anything else?  In June, the school received an award and became the first school in the region to win a LGBT+ award. According to the Warrington Guardian, the school received the “Educate and Celebrate” Best Practice Gold Award. The award was for tackling “homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying in schools,” according to the outlet. 

Selling SOULS to the Devil: PROOF Lucifer runs the MUSIC INDUSTRY; 24:48 min.; CC- Namesti, ima Google prevod!

JOHN 3:16 Video Ministry
Published on Oct 23, 2017
Various clips of recent music artists caught in the web of fame and riches, as well as those who have not sold their souls. Shocking look at the music industry.
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TransHumanism H+ | Satanic Agenda to bring the Mark of the Beast [Sign of the End Times]; 32:25 min.;

Objavljeno je 24.02.2017.
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Educators will learn to spot children who “enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes"

Infowars.com - MARCH 29, 2017 305 Comments 

Four thousand teachers in Australia are preparing to go through a training program aimed at helping stop sexism in students as young as 4-years-old.

The course, set up by the regional government in Victoria, will teach educators how to spot young children who “enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes.”

A document concerning the program obtained by Heat Street defends the action by arguing that sexism first begins to appear in preschoolers.

“As young children learn about gender, they may also begin to enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes that may contribute to disrespect and gender inequality,” the document says. “Professional learning will ­increase the capacity of early childhood educators to understand and implement respectful relationships and gender equality into their program delivery.”

“It will build the capacity of ­educators to use reflective practice to critically evaluate their work with children using anti-bias ­approaches specifically regarding gender bias,” the document adds.

Other reports indicate that teachers will also be taught to stop using “sexist” phrases such as “boys will be boys.”

Jenny Mikakos, the minister for Families and Children, called the program a necessity for early childhood development.

“The early years are an important time to start helping children develop a secure sense of self and healthy, respectful ­relationships,” she said. “This will help prevent family violence in the long term.”

The cost of the program, according to The Australian, will set taxpayers back $3.4 million AUS or $2.6 million US.



ETERNAL GODdess  an hour ago

This is VALUABLE, especially with TRAINED Personnel.

TRUE STORY : Little girl starts acting differently in Kindergarten year. She begins to flash , pull up her long shirt, with flounce bottom, like dress, dress, which is worn with short tights, knee length, and reveal her panties, shorts. I ask her, why are you doing that. Response, it is fun.
NEXT time, again pulls up dress , long shirt with flounce and reveals her backside, and her front. I ask her, why are you doing that ? She responds, because I want to.

NEXT YEAR, first grade, more flashing, not at people, more into the mirror, looking at herself. I ask her again, why are you doing that ? She responds, because a boy in my class asks me, tells me to. Huh : I knew it started at school. SO I ask, do you have assigned seats, how do you sit. They sit at a round table, and he always sits next to her, telling her to flash her panties, under things. He does this to a few girls. So he can pursue, and sit next to her, sexually harass her at 5 and 6 years of age.

So I tell her mom, who mentions this to her teacher. Teacher responds moving boy, to another table, as if it was the girls' fault. He targets other girls, trying to get them to flash their underthings. Eventually boy is removed from room, for evaluation, observation, or another group of girls to harass.

Is this sexist ? Are the Girls asking the boys to drop their pants so they can look at their underwear ? No.

So why does a 5-6 year old boy think like this ? Is someone asking to see his underwear somewhere, at home ? Is this how people at his house live ? Who knows, BUT this training IS required. With kids, having older siblings who can access porn online, kids need protection and observation as soon as possible.

Just have to watch and observe kids. Most people don't.


A Spectator  2 hours ago

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. 
Vladimir Lenin


A Traveler  2 hours ago

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it
is aimed.” ~ Joseph Stalin.


TheQuarry  4 hours ago

When you think about it, practically hot-button every news story these days comes down to either (1) race or (2) sex. Race = immigration, the wall, diversity training, nationalism, the new world order, etc. and Sex = transgenders, sex education, homosexuality, pornography, etc.



Joe Ombud  5 hours ago

This is a program that in Australia is called safe schools. It is a cultural Marxist program disguised as anti-bullying. The creators of the program are cultural Marxist with a sinister agenda.


Another website that gives insight into what the program actually teaches.



Skulb  6 hours ago

Brainwashing can't start early enough. Ideally the state should mandate that feminist rhetoric be played for the baby in utero. That way there will be less evil male chauvinist behavior right from the start!

To be serious though, this is at least clumsy and hamfisted enough that many people will reject it and have severe negative reactions to feminism entirely. If you want really slimy feminazi propaganda you should watch Moana; the latest Disney movie. If you do watch it, pay close attention to the conches she picks up throughout the movie. They are obviously vaginas. Vaginas are the best you see. Meanwhile penises and the men attached to them are evil and incompetent rapists and retrogrades.


Alice  8 hours ago

The public schools aren't satisfied

with general brain washing anymore; now they're going all out with total and complete in-depth college level mind control for tots. They won't be satisfied until all children are transgendered bisexual cross dressing freaks. Immoral bunch of Satanists.


Alice  infowarrior  3 hours ago

Yes, exactly right. These children don't even have a chance to develop into normal men and women. They will be completely brain washed before they enter middle school. Hopefully the parents will protest this but I doubt that will happen.


Skulb  Linna  6 hours ago

Exactly! The modern coed concentration camps posing as schools are designed for girls, who generally don't mind sitting still all day long while being bored stiff by adults. But it is a form of torture for most healthy boys to be subjected to twelve years or more of this regime. I know it was for me. I didn't start learning most of the things I know before I had successfully escaped the "educational" system.


bone  9 hours ago

Social engineering at its worst.

Parents raise their kids properly, the system undoes it to suit their sick agendas.


Timmons  9 hours ago

So, Australia wants to teach 4 year olds what it really means when you say: "I'm going down under"?
That's nothing but 50 shades of sad.


archer  Protect Children from Globalis  10 hours ago

Exactly, I have 3 young grandchildren that we babysit for, 2 are 3 and 1 is seven, we have older ones to. I can't imagine the younger ones even thinking about anything sexist, sex is the farthest thing from their minds. These "educators" are crazy and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children.


CatsWithShoes  Stay Away, Freaks...  10 hours ago

do what you gotta do to live with yourself.. i'd see a confrontation like this leading directly to CPS trying to take your children away.. possibly causing your wife to divorce you so that she could retain custody. fight it legally all you can for sure, but violence should be the last resort of desperation.. when it's required don't hesitate.. but don't make it your go-to response for these kinds of problems, we're not millenial protestors..


PRAVA ISTINA: Dokumenti CIA o kontroli uma, NLO...

Autor: mondo.rs

18.01.2017. | 20:34

Čuvena i zlokobna američka obaveštajna agencija CIA, morala je da po zakonima o dostupnosti informacija da objavi čak 13 miliona stranica, među kojima su podaci o nekim veoma neobičnim projektima.

Foto: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Među trinaest miliona stranica deklasifikovanih kao tajnih, nalaze se i oni podaci koji se odnose na obaranje tuđih vlada, ali i oni o tajnom projektu (zlo)upotrebe telepatije – Star gejt (Star Gate – Zvezdana kapija).

Dijapazon dokumenata, poznat kao "CREST database " (CIA Records Search Tool) pokriva materijale vezane za Vijetnamski rat, Korejski rat, Hladni rat…

Tu su i podaci o čuvenim špijunskim poduvatima, recimo Berlinskom tunelu (za prisluškivanje sovjetske komunikacije) iz pedesetih godina prošlog veka, prenosi Raša tudej.

Sve u svemu, više od 12 miliona dokumenata, koja pokrivaju aktivnosti CIA od osnivanja četrdesetih godina 20 veka, sve do 1990-tih, za koje CIA obaveštajci tvrde da su prava istina, bez ičega uklonjenog.

"Ništa tu nije probrano. To je cela istorija, i ono dobro i ono loše", rekao je portparol CIA Heder Fric za CNN, dodajući da su "rađene samo male redakcije da se zaštite živi ljudi i nacionalna bezbednost".

Pored političkih, tu ima "sajens fikšn" stvari, poput zloglasnog MK-Ultra projekta, odnosno CIA programa kontrole uma, koji se zasnivao na nelegalnim eksperimentima sa drogama, radi lakšeg ispitivanja i utvrđivanja pravih procedura za torture.

Tu su zapisi o testiranju vidovnjaka Urija Gelera iz 1973., koji je mogao da delimično reprodukuje zapise nacrtane u drugoj sobi.

Ne nedostaju tu ni dokumenta o "najvećoj zaveri od svih" – beleške o viđanjima NLO.

Foto: Guliver/Getty Images/Thinkstock



Dokumenta su, doduše i do sada bila "na dohvat" – od kada je predsednik Bil Klinton 1995., potpisao akt o objavljivanju. Ali, mogli su da se pročitaju samo na kompjuterskim terminalima u Nacionalnoj arhivi u Koledž parku u Merilendu. Sada stižu onlajn.

U protekloj deceniji 1,1 milion stranica su objavili istoričari i novinari, ali je CIA zabranila objavu originalnog i skorijeg materijala.

Ta igra "možete da gledate ali ne možete da koristite po nahođenju" razbesnela je mnoge, a najbolje je na izazov CIA odgovorila neprofitna novinarska organizacija Makrok (MuckRock), koja je zatražila pristup na osnovu Zakona o slobodi informacija.

CIA je rekla da hoće, ali joj "treba šest godina da sve obavi ". Onda su iz Makroka pokrenuli Kikstarter inicijativu i od donatora onlajn prikupili 15.000 evra da dokumenta bar deo dokumenata postave na internet.

Da bi prvi dokumenti izašli na svetlo dana, tj. ekrana PC-ja, bilo je potrebno dve godine natezanja sa CIA, a ceo posao trebalo bi da bude gotov do kraja ove godine.


How the CIA Killed Tupac, Cobain, Lennon, Hendrix & Other Activists with John Potash; 43:26 min. ; Ima mogucnost loseg Google prevoda!

Published on Jul 10, 2015
The CIA’s murderous targeting of Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, the Black Panthers and other leftist political activists is explored in this eye-opening interview with Drugs as Weapons Against Us author John Potash. We hear about the role that Timothy Leary and the Grateful Dead played in the MKUltra Acid Tests, how LSD was used to derail the anti-war movement in the 1960, and more in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

John Potash did his graduate studies at Columbia University where he concentrated in community organizing. He was founding publisher/editor of Social Justice Action Quarterly a national social work school newspaper that lasted four years and won four honors in the Campus Alternative Journalism Awards. He also received a certification in acupuncture drug treatment at Mutulu Shakur s former clinic, Lincoln Detox, in the Bronx. While mostly working as an addictions counselor, he has published articles (Z, Covert Action, Baltimore Chronicle), poems and short stories.

Buzzsaw Full Episodes:
Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist:

00:00 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:40 Introducing John Potash.
01:20 What does it mean to weaponize drugs?
07:50 How was LSD used to derail the anti-war movement?
13:50 Timothy Leary, MKUltra Acid Tests, and the Grateful Dead
21:20 CIA using heroin to target Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.
29:50 Steve Jobs, and the effect acid has on creativity.
33:10 Brian Jones and the changing effect of political activism in art.
38:20 Should drugs be decriminalized?
41:40 Thanks and goodbye.
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One Sentence That Gets People To Do What You Want; 7:41 Min.; Ima mogucnost prevoda!

Published on Jan 31, 2016
To learn more go to: http://influenceothers.net/program
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5 Persuasive Words That Control Mind; 7:24 Min.; Nema prevod!

Published on Mar 19, 2014
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how to make people do whatever you want - NLP Mind Control; 2:56 Minute.; Ima mogucnost prevoda!

Uploaded on Mar 19, 2011
http://www.ultra-mind.com/ how to make people do whatever you want embed command, how to make girls fall in love with you,NLP mind control Convince People , Easily and quickly persuade anyone to do anything
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Top 5 Ways to Manipulate People; 5:44 Min. ; Ima mogucnost prevoda!

Published on Mar 30, 2015
Another episode of Top 5 is here! Learn about Manipulation!






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7 Tajni Manipulacije Svesti- Mind Manipulation - 7 Sneaky Secrets; 3:15 Min.; Ima mogucnost prevoda!

Published on Apr 20, 2013
http://www.ConversationalCoercion.com - Mind manipulation is something that is very real. It happens all the time, because it is in fact one of the most powerful ways to control people's thoughts and opinions. There are so many organizations, institutions, corporations and individuals who want to change what you think, because they would get an advantage from it. That is why it is more and more important to familiarize yourself with these mind control techniques so that you are able to recognize them when they are played on you.

Here are seven sneaky secrets mind manipulators use to influence other people.

1. Making people trust and like you is easy if you establish similarities. That means that essentially that they somehow create the impression that they are like you. They can do this with a method called "pacing", where they mirror your body language, certain expressions that you use, your intonation patterns, and so on.

2. If you give people a reason why they should do something, they are much more inclined to do it. It doesn't even have to be a good reason - any reason will do, because that is the way our minds work.

3. You can secretly hypnotize people in the course of a normal conversation, and they will not even know what is happening. With the use of hypnotic language patterns, you can then implant hypnotic commands into their minds.

4. You can get people to do the most unbelievable things that they would not otherwise do if you just can get them to make a small commitment toward that action first. It is important that you do not try to get them to commit to the big thing first, but instead, just get them to do something that is seemingly irrelevant. This way, you create a kind of psychological momentum that takes on a life of itself.

5. It is more powerful to manipulate their emotions than to argue with logic. Most of the decisions we make we because of the emotions that drive us, and we then use logic to justify these decisions - that is just human nature.

6. If you can show that what you want them to do is what other people who are like them also did, they are much more inclined to do it. Even better, if you can show them that people who have what they want did the same thing that you want them to do, they will be eager to do it too.

7. If you can create a perception of authority they will be much more inclined to follow your suggestions. One example of that would be if you can show that you have been published in the media and established yourself as an expert. Another kind of proof of authority is an academic title, or impressive clothing.

You have now learned seven secrets of mind manipulation. None of them is revolutionary or mind-blowing, but combine these elements together and you get a powerful method to influence and manipulate other people's minds.

For more detailed instructions and mind control techniques visit http://www.ConversationalCoercion.com and grab your exclusive copy of the Conversational Coercion Crash Course while it's still free.
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Tehnike kontrole uma; 12:44 Min.; Ima mogucnost prevoda!

Published on Jul 31, 2016
All credit goes to Michael Powell, Author of Mind Games.
We will be going over each one individually, but I feel it was important to share this as soon as possible. Knowledge is power and we must share knowledge.
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the infinite6 days ago
I wanted to thank you for making this video. It was very helpful for me. I've experienced many of the listed techniques. Scaryyyy

Simple, short, but well organized and informative.
Reply 1
the infinite
the infinite1 week ago
What's 22? I don't understand
Reply 1
elicia clegg
elicia clegg6 days ago
22 is the creation of Us vs. Them. (Think about high school and the rival team) Here is a more indepth look at: Us vs. Them: https://youtu.be/Zdjs5AhX5a4
the infinite
the infinite6 days ago
Thanks for info ^^)
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Melissa Wortham
Melissa Wortham1 month ago
I suffer all ... I am at the child like.. it takes all of the different types on a physically disabled person.
Reply 1
chee keong hiu
chee keong hiu2 months ago
Thanks for the sharing. One suggestion, if there is title super each time a point is mentioned, it would be perfect.
elicia clegg
elicia clegg2 months ago
Great suggestion
M99 Neurology
M99 Neurology2 months ago
change the title ...............
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elicia clegg
elicia clegg2 months ago
Dr. Robert Jay Lifton’s “Eight-Point Model of Thought Reform” and borrows from several other authorities on the topic of religious mind-control.*1.) Part One: Milieu Control
2.) Part Two: Mystical Manipulation
3.) Part Three: The Demand for Purity
4.) Part Four: The Cult of Confession
5.) Part Five: The “Sacred Science”
6.) Part Six: Loading the Language
7.) Part Seven: Doctrine Over Person
8.) Part Eight: The Dispensing of Existence*Stephen Martin’s book, The Heresy of Mind Control, and Margaret Singer’s Cults in Our Midst.
Read more
M99 Neurology
M99 Neurology2 months ago
did you read all these ....if yes ....which one you advise me.....
as i will continue in neurology as neurologist....
i think we have a lot of common themes...to talk about
The Panthian
The Panthian3 months ago
The Pagan Lords are returning https://www.scribd.com/document/321374556/The-Book
elicia clegg
elicia clegg4 months ago
I left out 2 of the most efficient, effective, and large scale ways of Mind Control. Still doing some research and will share them as soon as I can, possibly in the next week. :)
Reply 1
Iron Heart
Iron Heart4 weeks ago
Smart and beautiful! Are you taken lol?
Reply 1
elicia clegg
elicia clegg4 weeks ago
+Iron Heart Well thank you. And yes, I am happily married. :)
Mother Goosekeeper
Mother Goosekeeper4 months ago
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Family44 months ago
Rejection of Old Values. Mind Control: It would be a slow cook. Slow, based off guilt.
elicia clegg
elicia clegg4 months ago
Mind Control...It's everywhere. ;)

Zagluplivanje kroz Edukaciju -"180" Movie; 33:02 min; Ima Youtube CC prevod!

Living Waters
Published on Sep 21, 2011
Abortion. Is it a woman’s choice? Or is it murder?

”180” has been called a half-hour of “video adrenaline,” an “emotional rollercoaster,” and “mind-blowing.” This riveting, award-winning documentary carries a unique message in which you will see eight people change their minds on abortion in a matter of seconds…because they were asked one question.

Learn more: http://www.180movie.com

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180 is an Award-Winning Documentary by Ray Comfort - Click CC above for translations.

Subtitles/Closed Captions available
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And many more...

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We also have "180" dubbed in Spanish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=248QUO...

Produced by Living Waters, the ministry of Ray Comfort: http://www.LivingWaters.com
-Mozzy Bear
5 months ago
So many people think that if abortion is banned it will stop altogether but that is not the case. Outlawing abortion only rises the rates of unsafe abortions where the mother might die or be seriously injured... just another thing to consider.
-Mozzy Bear
5 months ago
So many people think that if abortion is banned it will stop altogether but that is not the case. Outlawing abortion only rises the rates of unsafe abortions where the mother might die or be seriously injured... just another thing to consider.
-Metal Drum and Bass
2 years ago
I find it amazing how we as humans are always attacted and tempted towards things that do no good for us - fatty processed foods high in salt or sugar, drugs, alcohol, porn ect. When was the last time you were trying to stay away from the temptation of eating a vegetable? Or the temptation of giving money to a poor person? We are always tempted to do things that the bible prohibits (lusting, stealing, lying, fornicating, alcoholism). For me i need no proof that there is a God, i have enough proof that there is a force against him(Satan).




Asks children as young as two to talk about ‘boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls’

 | Infowars.com - SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 

A whistleblower working at a state-run kindergarten in Sweden has revealed how officials told her never refer to children as “he” or “she,” to encourage boys to wear dresses, and to initiate conversations with children as young as two about “boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls.”

In an interview with Världen idag, “Anna,” who has been working in the kindergarten for two years, said she was quickly informed that telling children something they were wearing was “nice” was forbidden and that the pre-schoolers should not be assigned genders.

When Anna read books to the children, she noticed that all mentions of “he” or “she” had been covered with Tipp-Ex and replaced with the gender neutral pronoun “hen”.

She later discovered that the popular “Emil and Pippi” books had been thrown away because they didn’t feature any gender neutral characters and the bookshelves had “been filled with children’s books with subjects such as transsexuality and homosexuality.”

Anna also asserted that children as young as one and two were partaking in group discussions where they were told by teachers “that a girl could fall in love with a girl and boy in a boy.” The toddlers were then asked “Who are you in love with?”

A confused little boy responded, “My Lego.”

Dolls, cars and trains have also been banned at the pre-school because they are gender-normative, while a boy who dressed up in a fireman’s outfit was told by a teacher to take it off and wear a dress instead even though he didn’t want to.

“I do not want a dress, I want this,” the boy said, to which the teacher responded, “But you know you’ll have a dress?”

Anna reveals how even some of the parents are on board with the indoctrination. When a mother came to pick up her son, Anna said to the boy, “Your mom is here,” to which the mother responded, “I’m not their mother, I’m a parent.”

Officials also told Anna not to say “Mom” and “Dad” because “a child can have two custodians of the same gender.”

Anna says that a 3-year-old girl who once proclaimed “I’m a boy today!” later asked her, “Am I a boy or girl?” to which Anna firmly responded, “You are a girl.”

“I cannot follow those rules. I just cannot. They are against everything I know,” concluded Anna.

The kindergarten in question was not named by the newspaper because they didn’t want to expose their source.

Since 1998, the Swedish government’s guidelines on schooling have “forbidden enforcing gender stereotypes, and government funded gender neutral kindergartens with gender aware teachers has made it possible for families to raise their children without a set gender identity,” according to a VICE report.

The populist Sweden Democrats just increased their presence in parliament after the country’s latest election, but given stories like this, in addition to Sweden’s rampant problem with crime, rape and mass immigration, one wonders whether it’s too late.


Infowars has been banned by Facebook. Please help by sharing this article on your own Facebook page.


130 points

an hour ago

‘boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls’ 

isn't that assuming genders? lol Sweden is done.

135 points

an hour ago

1984. This is it.

160 points

5 hours ago

What’s wrong with the parents who let their kids go to schools like that. Any thinking and caring parent would remove their kids out of a school like that immediately and never take them back.

350 points

7 hours ago

Will MuzzleSwede I mean Sweden force children to change their sex if the classroom has more males then females, opp's sorry I forgot there are no male or female children there. 

The decent God fearing people have not risen up to complain, Op's sorry again , they are not allowed to complain only the Muslims 7 LGBT people and are allowed to complain. 

235 points

8 hours ago

F sweden....anyone who wants this country: its yours...there are no men

710 points

8 hours ago

Sounds like a perfect plan to create a whole race of swine which will have to be exterminated in coming years/decades -- THIS IS SIMPLY CHILD ABUSE IN THE MAX. 


755 points

8 hours ago

There is no "slippery slope". This is not radical leftist LGBT indoctrination, no no, it's "encouraging diversity" and "guided self realisation". 

And to think SJW activists used to tell us that ALL THEY WANTED was marriage "equality" and "rights". Nothing more. Now the majority have actually believed them ! Too late now, you fools. This is the sickening result of your gullibility.


1.9K points

8 hours ago

Wellll even mohammed was a pedophile who married an eight year old girl and later wanted to marry a baby and said that he received his best 'revelations' while wearing his child bride Aisha's clothes.

2.5K points

13 hours ago

Only sexual perverts in charge would dare promote this kind of crap. Parents should rise up against this.

755 points


8 hours ago

"...Parents should rise up against this....". 

Really ? How many of these same parents voted for same-sex "marriage" believing the deceptive leftist propaganda that it was only about achieving "equality" ? They have THEMSELVES to blame for this outcome. Those with insight knew this sort of brainwashing would be the logical progression from that.

10 points

14 hours ago

The people directing these individuals to destroy nations starting by the youth , hate society , they want us all dead , and they probably worship satan. Very mentally ill and its all over europe , not sure whats going on fueling this , other than peoples careers being threatened if they choose not to partake in this stuff. I suspect though , from a hypothetical standpoint , that there may be a outside influence , demonic , that has came to our realm over there that's been granted to create this toxic environment , probably not too hard to do considering how easy people are to target these days , since everyone is so materialized and immoral .

730 points

15 hours ago

This is Legalized INSANITY!

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