A present for Rita, Love Vlad.

Angelic Music



- Hatbox
7 months ago
If this was slowed by 800℅ what was the

original sound?

- Zeb Graham-Howard
4 months ago
Selestial voices of higher vibration

bringing Peace

Frances Rose
3 years ago
made me cry, but not out of sadness, just

an over whelming feeling of love.

- Jayne Gardiner
2 weeks ago
Soul food. Glory to God in heaven and

Jesus your son. I listen to this all the

time, it's calming, brings you closer to

God. Bless you all x
1 year ago
Helps with the panic attacks

- Clare Lees
1 year ago
i have complex ptsd. this is great to

chase the drmons away thank you!!!

- Anthony Stone
2 weeks ago (edited) I have CF and I'm

Getting into the mid late stages of my

terminal condition and I think my trip to

heaven might just become a reality in a

few years. This music helps me when I'm

in prayer to God with our blessed mother


- Denise Haupapa
1 year ago
My headaches gone 😂

2 years ago
I remember, one day while I was living

overseas in South Korea, I was in an

American High School. So one day, I was

in the library doing an activity on the

computer when I heard this woman's

beautiful voice outside the window. Only

two other students and the teacher heard

it, before it slowly faded away into this

whistling noise and disappeared as soon

as it had come. I run to the window and

look out, expecting to find someone from

the Choir practicing down below. I'm

looking all around, and there's nobody

out there. It was one of the most

beautiful sounds I've ever heard and I

was convinced that it was a paranormal

event. Frankly, this reminded me strongly

of that day.

2 months ago (edited)
Precious...voices that takes me to heaven



fotoula gou
6 months ago
Voices of Paradise Angels- Mary Smith
1 month ago
Twice, I’ve been sleeping and heard this.

Remember thinking how beautiful, then

realized it wasn’t from this world, got

scared and woke myself up.

-Jaslyn Koh
3 years ago
Once I saw a Angel on a tree, and I am

the only person who saw it. He was

smiling at me. 

Latoyna Newby
2 months ago (edited)
They are for real i see them all the


Sangeeta Sudhakaran
1 year ago
Did this make anyone else cry? I feel so

small and so insignificant, and so

unworthy of the grace here :-(
Ann Smiley
1 year ago
So speechless by this beautiful sound!

I've got goosebumps!

- Sherolyn Simmons
1 month ago
Coming home my Lord!!

- GodsWork InProgress
3 years ago (edited)
I'm a Christian and I find this music

actually very beautiful in a sober, sad

& reverent loving way.. it's very

healing. No music should be

worshipped, but to bring our focus toward

God. This music could easily be

background music for a movie on Jesus

Christ's life and sufferings. Very


Evil Papagali
3 weeks ago (edited)
I am drowned in my own sadness. I am

unemployed and depend on my parents to

survive. It's painful to wake up and

sleep with that feeling of failure every

day. Sometimes I can not even look them

in the eyes.

But I do not know why, on hearing this

song, something inside seems to have

awakened. I hope it is the strength I

seek so hard to overcome this difficulty.

I never want to be a cause for shame in

my own home again.

If you have read my report so far, I hope

your table is always full of food and

your pockets are always full of gold.

- Susanne Quigley
8 months ago
Is it strange that sometimes in my mind,

I feel as if I can hear Angels singing?

My mind literally makes up songs that

sound similar to this completely

impromptu, at any random time.
Needless to say, they're some of the best

songs I've ever heard and I wish others

could hear them.

- saragoxa
1 year ago
This music invite you to love the Light

of God! ... and to forgive all your

mistakes... "And when you stand praying,

if you hold anything against anyone,

forgive them, so that your Father in

heaven may forgive you your sins"

I AM ZadkieL
1 year ago
I heard this back in 2013 wintertime

though it was alot faster and louder . so

loud it woke me to me feet at 4 am .

1 year ago
This music is very similar to the music I

heard in my dream when I was pregnant to

my 4th child, when a woman dressed in

white told me that I was going to have a

girl called Ioanna.When she pronounsed

the name "Ioanna" it echoed in the sky

and was similar to this sound but a

little more joyfull. You have surprised



- Angela Dunkley
8 months ago
Angels in the Bible are written about in

Revelation chapter 5 verses 11 - 12 Then

i looked and heard the voice of many

angels, numbering thousands upon

thousands, and ten thousand times ten

thousand. They encircled the throne and

the living creatures and elders. In a

loud voice they sang:"Worthy is the Lamb,

who was slain,to receive power and wealth

and wisdom and strength and honour and

glory and praise!"Their main purpose is

to glorify Jesus ( the Lamb) they sing in

heaven in the Hebrew language. They are

created beings made by God. I am not sure

about this video, certainly it is

beautiful to listen to.


- Marc Ferguson
2 years ago
In 1988 myself, and my two young sons

were playing video games together. This

was on the day which was supposed to be

the day of Rapture. My wife was in

kitchen piddling around. All of a sudden

out of nowhere, above the noise of the

video game my sons and I heard the most

beautiful singing we have ever heard, my

wife heard nothing. I waited to see if

my sons would say anything about it and

both announced at the same time "did you

here that?". When I asked them what they

heard they said "singing a whole bunch of

people singing, it was real pretty". I

told them what I had heard, and we all

went to the windows to see if anything

could be seen and alas there was nothing

to see. But what we heard was absolutely

beautiful, too bad it didn't last very

long. I really feel sad for people that

don't understand, but not to fear we are

all in our place as we should be and we

will all eventually hear the Angels sing.

Peace and Love to All


- Ellie Rehmund
3 months ago
I'm speechless my guardian angels are

here beside me this is beautiful good

bless you

- Aleksandras Kuznecovas
1 year ago
прекрасная музыка

1 year ago
While hearing this: Feeling goosebumps

but they're different. Usually my hairs

feel sharp but its almost like it's

happening so things can be more smooth

and my flesh seems to hum (not making

sounds but being relaxed) even when I

don't move my muscles. It's as if there's

another layer of "heat" over (or

somewhere) over my body. Once in a while

I get goosebumps or some kind of shock,

either in my fingertips or achilles

tendon, etc, but it seems so...uplifting

in the "afterfeel". I'm drinking ginger

tea at the moment. I'm not on any drug. I

was listening to "dark" music from a band

called Nitrous Flesh (idk I was just

browsing and one thing led to another) 1

1/2 hrs ago and now my energies are

synchronizing, or harmonizing into a

strange vibration. My hairs are sending

sensations outwards, my bones are

aligning....this is very interesting

music. Oddly enough, about a week ago I

was reading a book about angelic healing

and all of the sudden I began drawing

creative yet highly demonic/articulated

negative energies and couldn't stop.

About a month ago I was painting trying

to unite light and dark and I may have

awoken something


- Eloiza Delgadillo
1 year ago
HE LIVES AND SAVED ME!!! I want to be

among the choir of Angels shining to God

for all eternity!!!

- Sam Hart
3 months ago
☆So relaxing to the soal! Thanks for


Steven Spence
1 year ago
this is the best music to meditate too

seems to blast away all stress and



-Sarka Novakovak
1 year ago (edited)
20 years ago I had this dream where I

touched one big white door and they

opened. There I saw millions of Angels.

it looked like the highest and biggest

Cathedral in the world and the Angels

were very tall. They were singing on the

extremely high notes and I' ve been told

this is not for humans ears, I listened

not even a second, I covered my ears. I

will never forget this dream especially

the heavenly feeling when I heard just

one note, it was incredible and was

shaking my soul on the highest

vibrations. This dream came in my life

when I was very desperate and was praying

to God for answers on my questions. May

God bless everyone! Wishing you miracles

in life.


-Marleen Talsma
10 months ago (edited)
I'm getting a heart surgery this

thursday. Every day I become a little

more scared. As I was crying I found this

on youtube and it gives me so much peace.

I feel God is with me, especially this

week. God is good ❤

1 year ago





-Kate Nolan
1 year ago
I don't know why this made me cry

-Y lee Fox
1 year ago
This is the most beautiful sound I've

ever heard. I could listen to this all

day. I love it. I don't know if it is

supposed to be genuine or not but it is

irrelevant, just enjoy it for its beauty.

Kathryn Richards
1 year ago
my mother use to relate this story. I was

adopted age 2. An open adoption as I

reunited with birth family at age 37. I

was about 3 & my mom would find me in the

middle of the night in the living room

staring out into the night sky. After a

few times she asked why. I said, "don't

you hear them?" "Hear what", she replied.
"Angels! They sound so pretty."
She thought I really had some issues lol.

I told her that they were teaching me to

sing. She had replied "how, what do they

say?" I pointed to my lips & said "God

wants us to sing not from our mouth but

from here" as I pointed to my heart. I

did learn to sing & was semi-pro.
Another time I was about the 3rd car

making a left turn at a green light. I

suddenly heard "stop"!!!!
I was alone in car. The guy behind me

slammed his brakes & gave an angry look

till he saw a woman in a van barrel thru

the light staring straight ahead as if in

a mission. I would have been broadsided

drivers side. I looked back at the driver

behind me & he threw up his hands and

mouthed "sorry".

Kathryn Richards
1 year ago
my mother use to relate this story. I was

adopted age 2. An open adoption as I

reunited with birth family at age 37. I

was about 3 & my mom would find me in the

middle of the night in the living room

staring out into the night sky. After a

few times she asked why. I said, "don't

you hear them?" "Hear what", she replied.
"Angels! They sound so pretty."
She thought I really had some issues lol.

I told her that they were teaching me to

sing. She had replied "how, what do they

say?" I pointed to my lips & said "God

wants us to sing not from our mouth but

from here" as I pointed to my heart. I

did learn to sing & was semi-pro.
Another time I was about the 3rd car

making a left turn at a green light. I

suddenly heard "stop"!!!!
I was alone in car. The guy behind me

slammed his brakes & gave an angry look

till he saw a woman in a van barrel thru

the light staring straight ahead as if in

a mission. I would have been broadsided

drivers side. I looked back at the driver

behind me & he threw up his hands and

mouthed "sorry".

Kimbrely Lewis
1 year ago
so beautiful. Thank you God for your

precious son Jesus Christ my Lord and

Savior. God is so wonderful and good.

The Angels are rejoicing. Praise God

Forever. Amen

1 year ago
The singing of the angels is beyond

beautiful 🌹

- Leiceyen
2 years ago
Sounds like home...

Mickle The Nickle
1 year ago
I played this blessing beauty when it was

me and my dogs final moments together. I

was bursting with tears because he has

been with my life ever since I was born.

😢😭 I said I hope you go to a better

place. Right when I said that, he leaned

over to me and put his head in my arm. I

was crying so badly. Then i stared at his

while he stared at me. His eyes started

to slowly close. I hugged him hard. He

licked me then passed away.💀 😭😭😭 It

gave me memories of where I first saw him

and he protected me from everyone,

including my parents. He was my best

friend. My dog, Moose, died on August



❤️😭😘😇✝️. May the lord bless my dog, me,

and you all who respect me and my dog.

- Robert Lee
2 years ago
We are living in the Last and evil

days..God is doing so many special things

in today's society... He doesn't want

anyone to go to hell ...He's reaching out

to so many nations before Christ

returns....Jesus says in his words that

GREATER works we are gonna do because he

returns to his father.....I use to

believe this religion was the white mans

religion and wasn't real at at...But GOD

has been working supernaturally in my

life...I've got undeniable pictures in my

phone that I took and presently writing a

book to put them in to show the world....

John 14:18 Jesus said "I will not leave u

comfortless, I will come to you"....JESUS

is the same yesterday, today, and

forevermore.... He came to the disciples

and doing the same in this age.....After

having the experiences I had I literally

gave my WHOLE life to him....I know now

he is real and love each and every person

no matter what they circumstances

is.....GOD bless you all and I pray many

will be touched by GODS own presence one


jamesand gemma
2 years ago
+Robert Lee Awesome I most definitely

will!!haha Ive just found jesus again

sort of I grew up In a christian

household with my Grandfather who was a

pastor after he died I got so angry with

god and the world and lived a very

destructive unclean life but just

recently gave my heart to the Lord and

Ive felt a sense of peace come over me

that I havent felt in a very long time

well since I was a kid go figure haha I

do have a lot of questions and I do so

love hearing peoples stories about what

theyve witnessed or experienced

- jamesand gemma
2 years ago
+DEAN T."The greatest trick the Devil

ever pulled was convincing the world he

didn't exist..."

Umair N
2 years ago
+Robert Lee Hello Robert ! If you wish to

know more about Jesus give this video 10

mins and you not regret it. I was a non

beliver untill I found out this video and

how much Jesus has done for us.

- Cindy Bondurant
3 months ago
Ty Brother. I needed this tonight. We are

both working for our GOD almighty. God

bless you in your works!

Beth/Betty Pickle-Rice
1 year ago
A few nights ago i was on my porch

challenging god to please give me a sign

you still care show me im worth it! i saw

before me a cloud change into an angel

playing a trumpet my prayer was answered!

John Meyer
2 years ago
I was saved by an angel.This is a true

story,I am not a religious fanatic,I am

not crazy.I am a veteran of the US Army.

One night after intense chest pain during

the night,I came face to face with a

"darkness" that was indescribable.This

darkness was complete despair, I could

only describe it as this ..If you are in

a pit with Lions,you are terrified but

even with that you hold onto a glimmer of

hope, you fear that you might not make it

out,so there is still some hope in

you.This "blackness was completely void

of any hope,as if God wasn`t there,Never

felt that bad in my life! I was thinking

that I wouldn`t want anyone, even Bin

Laden to go there.I couldn`t move because

to move away meant that you would have

had a "Hopeful" direction to escape to.

Then behind me I felt this insane humming

vibration and light. Then it`s arms were

around me and instantly I felt that the

"Blackness" was now an impossible feeling

to have,and it felt as if every cell in

my body was electrified. Then it said

"There is no fear in the presence of

God". It said this but I heard it not

through my ears but as if my body and

mind heard it ,like I could hear it`s

thoughts. The rest I`m not sharing

because that is between me and the Lord.

- Lorne Olson
1 year ago (edited)
Dear creator of this peice;

I have to let you know how profoundly

this creation of yours has affected me! I

do not believe in religion of any kind. I

do believe in an all knowing

consciousness we can call God. And now,

I do believe in angelic beings. I'm

going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal

(TSW). It's truly one of the most

painful, horrific and terrifying

experience any human can survive. In the

midst of it, while sitting in a cold

impersonal emergency room surrounded by

many others suffering in varying forms, I

felt my soul had completely let go of

this life. And I was ready to go. The

pain and isolation was beyond intense,

exhaustion feeling like deaths grip, I

said "God, if you are there, if you hear

me, please... take me now. Please have

mercy upon me, please let this end". I

stared out the front door of this

hospital wishing to dissolve. I thought

I was beginning to hallucinate when I saw

rays of light beginning to shine down

right through the ceiling. They slowly

came upon me. In the most complete way,

I suddenly felt a profoundly comforting

peace, a profound love so vast I can't

even describe. I felt myself lift out of

my tortured sickened body and, for a

moment, experienced my supremely healthy

self. And as I lowered back into my body

I experienced a state of grace like never

before. I truly felt like I was touched

by the hand of God. Despite the severity

of my condition I felt no pain. I now

knew I was not alone. I knew this illness

would end and my health would be fully

restored. The medical driver who came to

get me just may have been an ANGEL. He

was exceptionally caring, careful, and

gentle on the drive home. He looked

upon me with such love and kindness

beaming out of him. (These drivers are

otherwise notoriously insensitive and

badly trained). And I don't remember

calling for a driver! Yet there he

appeared for me, walked right in and

gestered for me to come with him. I

realized we never once spoke on the 20

minute drive home. This experience was

profound. My soul was lifted from the

darkest most desolate place to the most

beautiful state of grace. I have been

forever changed.

When I found this peice of music you

created here it profoundly affected me as

it totally captures that experience for

me. It sounds the way I felt. I cried

for 34 minutes with joy and gratitude as

I listened. There must have been an

angel guiding you through this creation.

I have listened to it everyday day since

I first heard it 5 months ago. I am 7

months into my healing journey. This

music is truly helping me heal. I swear

this is true. I am amazed and so full of

gratitude for your artistry. A true

blessing. Thank you.

I will be doing a documentary on my

healing journey. I would surely love to

include your piece as an integral part of

it. Let me know if this is possible.

Again, from my soul to yours, thank you.

- frangitube
1 year ago
When my beloved son died suddenly aged

10. God sent an angel to me. A beautiful

golden light came and wrapped its self

around me. I knew then, the greatest

feeling of Love I had ever known. My

mind and spirit opened up and

telepathically I knew that my childs

parting from me was only temporary and

that, one day, when my time came to go,

that he would be there to take my hand

and lead me home. I felt such immense

joy and the feelings stay with me to this

day, 34 years later.

Divine Ecstasy
10 months ago
5 years ago, I was at rock bottom. After

months of desperation, one night the

prison cell I was in lit up, the ceiling

lifted, what seemed like a thousand

angels were looking down at me, singing

all as one to me, lifting me emotionally

and physically up toward Heaven. They

were surrounded by beautiful fluffy

clouds, surrounded by most beautiful blue

sky. The experience only lasted a few

seconds, but that was all I needed to

know that all is not lost. It took a few

more years of struggle, but I made it.

Now I'm healthier, happier and more free

than I have ever felt in my life.

Salvation comes to all, sooner or later.

My second angelic experience was with

Archangel Metatron, who I asked for help

a few months ago right before bed. That

same night he spoke to me (in a tongue I

couldn't understand) and helped me heal

the wound of losing my mom to cancer.

After he spoke, my mom appeared to my

side and I knew that she was OK and I had

no reason to mourn.
Archangel Michael also appeared in front

of me once during meditation, about 3

years ago.

Angels are real, they are all around us,

except in a higher dimension. We can

sense them only if we vibrate at the same

frequency as them. We vibrate at those

frequencies during deep meditation or

deep prayer, sometimes during sleep, as

well as during times of extreme distress,

such as during mourning, near death

experiences, extreme fear, and also

during ecstatic spiritual experiences,

such as bliss, ecstasy, unconditional


Peace and love to you all. Heaven is

real, it is in You!

- Kathy Rodezno
3 months ago
They sure are for real and seen when they

want to be seen. They will leave a

message behind with a deep feeling of

comfort and like someone in the universe

is out there and has ur back. Some of

them have different jobs however most are

messengers in one way or another. Some

are there at the beginning and end of

life. Others are warriors that are

fighting for you. They are wired

differently in their minds. They don't

know what to lie about or how to lie.

The fallen ones however are here on Earth

to deceive, temp, cause problems, twist

the truth because they followed Lucifer

and fell from heaven.
Love all as one and you will be loved as

you give your love.

- Morty Lover 2018
1 year ago
This story is not mine, but of my mom:
It was back when she was real pregnant

for me in 1995, and she was driving down

the road/highway. And there was all of a

sudden, hardly any space left for her to

go anywhere....the car up ahead was so

close to the nose of her car since she

was in front of her, and she got scared.

And when she thought she'll crash (and

make the little unborn me perish with

her), a glowing blue outline of her

grandpa admitted. He made a space between

the two cars. On the spirit of my dead

grandfather, he had on pants with

suspenders he has always loved to wear,

and those square glasses from all the way

back from 1960's-1970's. All he did was

turn around, smiled at my mom and

vanished and never returned. I still

think, that from this day, that he is

watching all her family and smiling as I

am writing this.

1 year ago (edited)
I have seen the most stunning huge angel

right in front of me. I have had both

near death and after death....my heart

had stopped for over 5 mins. after an ex

tried to kill me, but when i was so sick

they didn't expect me to live out the

night..that's when the angel appeared

right in front of me beside my hospital

bed, the angel that I saw was so

indescribably huge and stunning that

every time i tried to explain....which

just can't be put into words...tears

would stream down my face.and I could not

talk, It took me years before I could

talk about it, now the passion is what is

left.....I have been in the light and

heard a voice...I feel so incredibly

fortunate to have had these experiences

even though it took me almost

dyeing....which I no longer fear

Marieanne van gool
1 month ago
Thank you so much for this video I love

it may God bless you and your family oh

JESUS I love you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤

- moongirl shining
1 year ago
After my daughter died i hear angels


1 year ago
I see a lot of religious folks on these

comments and in part respect their

beliefs. My job is not to shift in any

way shape nor form what you believe in

but I do challenge you to use a bit of

logic and instead of blindly following

religion to question things a little

before commiting to them.
"GOD is not wasteful"

The Bible was written by man and holds

little bits and pieces of truth just like

any other religion does, but the Bible in

parts makes no sense to me because if you

analize it well you will come to find one

simple flaw within its concept that makes

not all written words of the scripture

questionable, but rather one core aspect

of its foundation that it centers earth

this tiny speck of dust and humans as the

pillar of all existence and creation

worthy of being saved in a universe

filled with billions of worlds and stars,

some habitable with intelligent life and

others not; So I gently ask you to pause

for a second and grasp just for a moment

the vastness of space and what I said

earlier that "GOD is not wasteful" and

ask yourselves one simple question.
What makes us so special in an infinite

universe of life?

- Blue
1 month ago
I had a terrible illness. Spent a lot of

time sleeping near death. At one point,

don't know for how long, I heard a sound

very much like this. A man came and told

me to make a choice. With very hard work

I could stay in the world, or with no

blame I could go to peace. For the sake

of my baby child I chose to stay, and

recovery was very hard. But I remember

the music. It made me want to go.

- Dark Sided Razor
10 months ago (edited)
I love all angels .I can feel the

presents of angels in my everyday life .

Unlike some people I believe that i can

hear there thoughts and with my own ears

. I'm going to tell you guys a little

story that happened to me at church one

morning, I was at church sitting in the

very back row and I was very distraught

and sad and very overwhelmed . I had this

very weary feeling in my heart .I felt

like the world had no place for me like i

didn't belong hear on this earth. I

started to cry and I looked too the God

above and thought . I don't deserve to

live . I just want to come live with you

in your heavenly kingdom Lord. That's

when it all started with the angels I

began to hear the thoughts of the angels

and I became more emotional and I started

understanding the the way i'm suppose

live in the eyes of the Holy God . Ever

sense i started hearing the thoughts of

angels . I began think am I an Angel of

God that has no wings or am a just a

supernatural being like the angels . I

have some fear in what I do in life . Its

my duty to protect the ones in need and

stand up for the ones that are helpless

ins life and the kind and loving to both

my friends and enemy and those to come .

I will stand and fight like an angel

because that is what i'm called to be. We

all have choice in life to follow God or

the Deceptive one . I choose God because

he is the way to heaven and i believe in

Jesus Christ . We all have purpose in

life we all just have to find it .

Weather it is to spread the word of God

or to work for him. All you have to do is

ask him to tell what what you need to do.

What did was is tell God send me out into

the world to help others in need and to

guide them in life and God sent me on my

way as soon as asked him to. All you have

to do is ask him this question ; Whats my

duty in life ? ; He will show you and

guide you in his arms . Have faith and

don't get distracted from your duty . Be

strong and fight until the end of the

road . Life is full of opportunities .

You have to be will to find them in your

every day life . Peace to all from your

LORD GOD :) ;)

- These are called the host of heaven and

are under the authority of Michael not

Gabriel. These are the waring angels.

Angels under Gabriel are messenger angels

such as written in the Bible. They have

human form but the angels under Michael,

the majority do not.

- Andrew Marmion
1 year ago
This music makes me say: Praised be God

in his angels and in his saints. They are

true reflections of God's love for us.

Praised be you my God, even the Heavens

cannot contain your love for us but it

spills forth into your creation and into

our lives that we may experience the hope

and beauty of your love and mercy each

and every day. Praise God in the Highest


Norma Jean Monroe
10 months ago
I love listening to heavenly music it

reminds me of heaven with all the angels

singing as I've entered. when I was 14

years old I saw a vision of a lady in my

bedroom as I was in bed and I felt a

little scared because I did not know who

she was or why she was appearing to me.

So I hid under the bed covers peeping to

see if she had gone and I looked up and

she was just smiling at me so I put my

head down on my pillow and she said to me

in a soft gentle voice do not be afraid

for I am with you. She had a white long

robe and a white veil on and around her

head it glowed like a big white mist

around her she was about 5ft 4 and she

had a rosary beads in her hand and she

was there for just over an hour then she

faded away . Before she went she said

that she was going to visit me every day

to watch over me and to tell me why she

has come to me. I still did not know who

she was as when I asked her she did not

reveal her name . a few weeks had passed

and my friend James who was kicked out on

the streets by his mum and dad for being

ten minutes late home my mum put him up.

My mum has always been very caring like

that and he slept in the same bedroom as

me and it was around 11.05 at night and

the vision appeared again that night so I

fell to my knees and started to pray the

rosary and the vision was always doing

the rosary to and she had a big black

bible tucked underneath her right arm. (

it looked like a big thick bible) and

James said why are you praying and

looking at the wall . I replied can you

not see her . James replied NO so I said

are you sure you can't see her. ? He said

NO and turned back over to go to sleep.

That night I asked the vision who she was

and she looked up to heaven and looked at

me and said I am the mother of Jesus

Christ. I could not believe it I was so

so stunned by what she appeared to be and

I said why have you come to me Why me I'm

not special enough to receive you. The

vision of Mary said why do you say that

my child. I said I don't know I just

don't. Then the vision of Mary replied

take a look at your life and tell me why

do you feel you should of not been

Chosen. well I've always been a very

religious young girl and always wanted to

be a nun from the age of five year old

and I know I care for people and always

been an angelic lady and always try to

help people in there hour of need etc.

The vision said I was chosen from the

powers above and I was a very spiritual

young girl. however I knew know one would

believe me if I told them I saw the

virgin mary NO WHY they will think I'm

making up stories or mad. So I asked the

vision of Mary if I could film her on a

camcorder because know one would believe

me and I will be shamed. so the Mary

aloud me to film her . So I did for an

hour and she said gp and look at the

nights sky. Which I found very strange

and I did as what Mary had told me to do.

I did not know why she wanted me to look

outside out of the window but I did and I

started to film the nights sky then

suddenly this bright pink Reddy light

went right across the sky it was so

amazing and I could see crystal lights in

the sky really sparkling bright it was

just so unbelievably and I turned to look

at Mary and she had gone. the next

morning I told my mum about the vision

that had appeared to me that she told me

her name and my mother looked at me and I

said she said I am the mother of Jesus

Christ. My mum looked at me as if I had

gone mad and she said stop making up

stories . I said it's true I did see her

I did it is the truth I've even got it on

tape she let me film her to prove to

other that I was not mad and that I was

chosen. I did not know if anything was

going to show up on the tape as James was

in the same room as me and he saw nothing

only a bright light appear on the wall

and that my face was so pale and bright .

So my mum put on the tape I recorded of

the appearance and there it is clear as

day light I could not believe it and you

could see her hands praying the rosary

with me and the thick black book under

her right arm it was so amazing and my

mum turned and looked at me with her

mouth wide open and she was so amazed to

what I saw she kept winding the video

back to keep watching it and studying it.

Then she saw the night sky light up with

a bright pink Reddy line going right

across the sky . Also other reports had

been made about the nights sky by

neighbours that saw it . and I had

everything on tape. so I am truly truly

blessed . there are other things I would

of liked to share with you but it's 4.00

am in the morning and I must get some

sleep as the birds are singing out side

my window as day light is coming. God

bless you all and keep praying and

sharing your stories. ♥

Joe Collado
1 year ago
It is unfortunate for those who do not

seek a relationship with God. This music

is a very strong resemblance of that

purity & unconditional love that is only

offered by God. Nothing can match it -

nothing ever will. Instead people decide

to bash each other senseless in so many

different ways. Stop rushing and live for

a few moments - meditate for a few

minutes with this beautiful music and I

promise you will find something so

peaceful and loving that it will change

your life if you allow it to do so...

Thank you BC Guardians for sharing this

sublime music - Peace and Love to all!

Daughter OfHeaven
1 year ago (edited)
I was in hospital a few yrs back very

very ill and i woke up with a nurse

holding my hand her face really amazed me

cos she was so beautiful in a way i

cant explaine and said i was going to

be ok then vanished and thats the Gods

honest truth .

- Maria Mokoena
7 months ago
The song speaks about the ancient of days

as he sits on his throne, how marvelous

it is, how precious it is, how beautiful

and majestic and holy and gracious!!!!!

3 years ago
Amazing, iv heard the heavenly angelic

choir once and it was the most beautiful

thing iv ever experienced.

- Rodrigo Tisera
7 months ago
Every time i hear this song and closing

my eyes,i can see the throne of God

surrounded by thousands of angels,i love

angels so much!!!!

Midnight Man
1 year ago
A single angel can sound like a thousand.

For the song of the Seraphim from on High

is the song of praising the Heaven's

incomparable beauty. Truth on Earth is

enough to make mountains shed tears.

Truth above is mighty enough to multiply

your own voice until it is heard not by

everyone's ears but by everyone's heart.

The feeling you feel when you see

families smiling and being together, the

sublime feeling when you gaze upon the

blazing sunset, the beauty of the spring,

the awe of winter. The emotions you feel

at these moments, are no less than your

heart hearing the songs of Angels.

Crafts on the Cheap
1 year ago
i heard angels sing once...the sound is

purer than crystal. cant describe it.

Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall
1 year ago (edited)
This is slowed 800%? Makes me feel like

downloading it so I can speed it up 800%

and listen what it sounded like before.
Edit: Actually did that right now. 400%

still sounds like a normal choir, 800%

however is way

- Golden Castles Crystal Streams
6 months ago
I can hear them singing at times that's

when I know they are near .

- Deep South Gaming
2 years ago
Let me tell a story about a true angel

story. There was this Korean Man fighting

in Veitnam and he fought with the U.S.

and he was with his company in the

Laotian Border and 50 NVA Soldiers

started to attack and his company all got

shot in the leg and shoulders and so did

he and before he blacked out he closed

his eyes and saw God's Angel of War and

then he saw him draw a sword the size of

3 yard sticks and when he woke up he saw

all of the NVA Soldiers dead his company

were around him asking him, " How did you

do it" and the Korean guy saw that all

the 50 NVA Soldiers dead and they all had

sword wounds on every single body.


Parry and Riposte
2 years ago
He cannot be seen,
He does not speak,
He is all of my love combined with HIS.
I'm confused , But just as easily

The hand touches me and I go into

complete bliss ,
White figures surround my presence. And

show me a place that only dreams are made

There were 3. I know this for sure , Each

had names but I can't remember.
But they all held me and guided me

through this place that felt like home.
I had no memory of who I was or anything

of that matter. But it was cut short , I

was bolted back into my body with an

alarming feeling. But with a memory of

someone saying , "Be safe , Be happy" And

I actually started crying. I'm not sure

why or how.

This was a near death experience I had,

Vânia Vincent
2 years ago
+Fatpig2125 Gaming (fatpig) If you are so

superior in wisdom and we are the

ignorants...then why are you wasting your

time coming here and engaging in so

called trolling?? You are introducing

disturbance amoung people who want to

better themselves and connect with God.

Respect that and go back to your gaming

or whatever you enjoy doing. Leave us

alone. Thanks

Parry and Riposte
2 years ago
I am a Christian but I never went went

to church annually.I had been hit in a

car crash on the highway at about 80mph.

I had suffered severe internal bleeding

and multiple chest fractures. What I

stated above was all that I know. But it

definitely changed how I perceive the

world around me....For the better. Mind

you , I am only 21 years old. I was

lucky. I was baptized at a young age and

that was all.. People fear death , I do

not now. I think that it will happen

again in due time. And Grace be with you

too Frank.

Frank Stein
2 years ago
I am so grateful to the Almighty above

that you are alive!!! Are you ok now? You

are 21 now, [2015]? How long ago did this

happen? I know although this was such a

traggity, you have had the gift to see

the world with wiser understanding that

some much older then yourself do not

see.I am so glad you were babtized. I was

too. Are you a saved Christian? How about

the other people in the other automobile,

are they ok? Did you make up those

beautiful words yourself? I see it this

way, I don't see it as bad that you don't

go to church perse', But it is very

important that you stay in God's word or

[letters] that he sent to us every day,

chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

Let God and Christ know that you love

them and live your life as if it were

your last, [which I am sure YOU DO]

Spread the good news to all.In your case,

your testimony of what happened to you.

That is all he really want from his

children,Right? And to know that Jesus

Christ, [ Yeshua] he is, THE LIVING

WORD!!!!!! Feel free to correspond if you

wish. If you choose not to, that is ok.

Either way, I wish you all the best this

world has to offer to you. Christ's love,

Grace and Peace to you and


Frank Stein
2 years ago
I wrote you back, but I don't know if it

posted or not? I am going to retype it

for you here again. So sorry....I am so

grateful to the Almighty that you are

alive. You are 21 now as of 2015? How

long ago did this happen? I know although

this horrible thing happened to you, You

have had this gift to be able to see the

world with wiser understanding at your

tender age, then most people that are

older ever get the chance to experience.

I am so glad that you were babtized. me

too. Can I ask if you are a saved

christian? How about the other people in

the other car, are they ok? Did you make

up those beautiful words yourself? I see

it this way sir, I don't see it as bad

that you don't go to church perse'. I do

however believe that it is very important

that you stay in God's words or letters

he sent to all of his children every day.

Verse by versre and word by word. Also,

let God and Jesus know that you love

them. Live your life with purpose and

meaning, which I am certain YOU DO!!!

Spread God's word to all, as well as your

testimony. And let them know that Jesus

Christ, he is THE LIVING WORD!!! Live

your life for Christ. That is all he

wants from his children,right? Feel free

to write back if you want to, if not,

that is ok too. Either way, I wish you

all the best that life has to offer to

you and yours. IN Christ and God's Grace

and love. Peace to you and yours......

Parry and Riposte
2 years ago
+Frank Stein Everyone made it out alive.

And I agree with you. And yes I made this

myself , the words. I just described

vaguely what I had experienced. I

remember in great detail of what it

looked like. But I didn't wan't to write

too much. 



Angels on mount Athos

BY  · AUGUST 11, 2016

The stories that mount Athos visiting angels, more recently, could make many just a skeptical smile. However, in recent years there is evidence that turns the legend in actually held a miracle.

The story of heavenly messengers

Oddly enough, the concept of what angels are still rather vague: it is not known for certain, the energy is the essence of any human image, designed to protect the planet’s population and keep people in the faith. About angelic fact I bet even professional theologians, to say nothing of ordinary people!

The only thing scientists agree: angels are divine messengers, bearing to mortals the will of God and possessing supernatural abilities. Actually, the word “angel” in the Greek means “messenger” or “messenger”.

The conviction that came to us from distant pagan times and later used by Christianity, considers these wonderful creatures to distant human ancestors who once lived good lives and received because the ability to keep your descendants and help them where they do not.

There is also a hypothesis, according to which for the sanctity of souls angelic order find children who died at an early age. To see them can are the same kids, although over time they lose this ability. However, whoever these mysterious creatures, eyewitness accounts say that their abilities are truly amazing.

My own experience has seen this woman from a small English town. The bus she went to work, came down from the high hill and all of a sudden his brake failure. At the bottom turn was protected by a wall of bricks, and just in time for her bus raced, picking up speed. The woman realized that a crash is unavoidable, but suddenly saw a moving window glass amazingly beautiful creatures in bright clothes.

They got in the way of the bus, and he stopped suddenly by the wall, and when this happened, the unknown saviors disappeared. The party a wonderful event immediately thought that she was saved by angels. The mechanics of the bus fleet also felt that with passengers, a miracle happened: the brakes of the bus were not working, and how he managed to stop the descent, remain unknown. However, sometimes there are phenomena of angels, which cannot be explained by the urgent need to save human life.

The mystery of the angel

This happened about 10 years ago on mount Athos. The young pilgrim stayed at the hotel one of the Athonite monasteries. In the night he woke to the sounds of Church singing of extraordinary beauty. The boy thought had missed the beginning of the service, and hastily went to the temple. To his surprise, the temple door was locked. And looking in through the window, the boy saw a light inside, although the source of it was unclear – no candle was out.

Moreover, inside the Church was empty, and the singing seemed to spread in the luminous air. Wonderful, nothing like the human voice taken out of an ancient Byzantine chant – “the Cherubic hymn”. The pilgrim understood that is simply obliged to preserve the wonderful singing.

He rushed back to his room, grabbed the tape recorder and ran back to the temple, where it sounded divine music of the invisible angelic host. The entry made by the young men, hit the Internet and caused a real battle between those who believed in the angels singing, and skeptics who deny the very possibility of such a “concert”.

Debate about whether not a fake was brought from mount Athos pilgrim would have lasted indefinitely if it is not interfered with experts. The resulting analysis audiospectrum records showed the inhuman nature of execution of the ancient chant. The tone of the mysterious voices is exactly in the middle between male and female. Chant sounds so smooth and strong that with a human voice it is generally impossible to compare.

In addition, the increase in the amplitude of the sound waves does not occur gradually, as happens with people, and with incredible speed, almost instantly. An indirect proof of the angelic nature of singing can be considered that. chant in the recording cut off before the words “every now everyday postpone care”. No earthly cares (“cares”) angels have no and can not be, but because they finished singing it was on this part of the chant.

No less unique was the influence of heavenly voices for each listener. Someone listening to singing, have noticed how easy and joyful it is to the soul, while others said the angelic voice make you feel the anxiety and sadness. Even happened that from repeated listening to the recordings people have elevated blood pressure, palpitations.

Facts and hypotheses

In detail having studied the sound of amazing voices, theologians have set out reasons for the phenomenon of divine messengers to the people. If you usually are angels for saving their lives, and a wonderful Church service was supposed to bring some important news. What it is – just had to find out.

First of all, should avoid any probability of that on mount Athos sang not angels, but rather messengers of Satan. Theoretically the devils like she could take on the appearance of the cherubim for the seduction of the audience. They have created a Chimera sometimes able to introduce a weak spirit in a mental or physical disorder, and some even take life. On the other hand, demons do not even have to use a Church singing – well, it will once again confirm the truth of Orthodoxy.

Theologians from several countries staged a wide-ranging discussion, during which he established the wiles of the impure nothing to do with it. Every distortion of the Christian singing in record is missing. And the servants of the devil deprived of the divine gift of singing and that it is disgusting to mock the sacred chants, making sounds more like a cacophony. Thus, written on mount Athos, the film is really preserved voice the Lord’s messengers.

With regard to the objectives of the appearance of angels in the Athos temple, here the views differed. Some scientists believe that sung in the ancient Byzantine manner part of the service was to remind believers of the need to observe the ancient canons of the Church singing. Such a reminder is timely, because Christianity is increasingly leaning to the new polyphonic style of performance of Christian services. And it is likely that these innovations will not like it in heaven.

There were supporters and a more General version: a wonderful singing angels once again proclaimed to the world about its existence. And if they really exist, not just churched people, but even hardened atheists will receive protection in cases where to save them unless miracle.

However, to this day there are those who refer to angels singing on mount Athos fake. Opponents of the “angelic theory” claim that the film is the voice of the Greek singer Dimitrios Arlandis, possessing rare beauty of tone and known performance of Orthodox chants. However, the singer never confirmed that on the recording “angel song” the sound of his voice. So the phenomenon of angelic singing continues to be one of the most marvelous phenomena of Athos.

According to your faith let it be

The list of such phenomena in the monastic Republic is much bigger than you can imagine. Unfortunately, to see them in person, only men from the VII century, when Athos came the first monks, ascetics, women on the Holy Mountain forbidden to appear (even pack animals there is only male). According to legend, commanded the virgin Mary, providing the monks of his heavenly patronage.

As if confirming the constant invisible presence of the mother of God above the top of the mountain is constantly hanging cloud: it increases or decreases, the color changes but never disappears.

In each of the 20 monasteries of the Holy relics and miraculous icons. In the monastery of Vatopedi are a piece of the true cross of the Lord, the belt of the virgin, the relics of Demetrios, of Saint Pantaleon and the saints. At the monastery of Simonopetra is preserved incorruptible the perfumed right hand of Mary Magdalene. Every true believer, prikladyvaya to relics can confirm that the Holy hand is still warm.

A few meters from the sea directly from the rock is a spring, to find that the monks were able to the Lord’s instruction. Near the source grows the vine, which is over 700 years old. One berry from this vine can cure infertility in any women dream of offspring.

The angelic voice that sounded on mount Athos, is only one of an endless list of miracles of the Holy Mountain. To believe in them or doubt is a personal matter, but much happier to know that we live in a world where everything is still accomplished miracles.

Real angels singing on mount Athos.

Born in RUSSIA
Published on Jun 21, 2016
On legends this mountain Blessed Virgin Mary has asked under the protection at Jesus, during travel to these lands. Now is the special unit of the Hellenic Republic managed by community of 20 orthodox monasteries, is on the peninsula Chalkidiki. Mountains and dense vegetation create a fine landscape which pilgrims admire. Under the charter only men can visit Mount Athos.
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Singing angels on mount Athos 0:50

Published on Sep 9, 2014
On mount Athos, one young man has recorded the singing of angels. It was early in the morning. He heard a song and thought that began service in the Church. And having seen and heard the angels singing. A slow chant "Who cherubim" Byzantine chant . Produces a deep sense of slushies . Translated through an online translator might not exactly.
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ngels Sing Cherubic Hymn on Mt Athos-playback speed 0,75

Published on Jun 3, 2014
Recorded at a closed window:
[as life-creating] Trinty,
with thrice-holy hymn
we adore and praise...
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Дети видят ангелов; 5:03 min.; CC-Ima Google prevod!

Дети видят ангелов; 5:03 min.; CC-Ima Google prevod!

Published on Oct 5, 2013
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Сергей Егоров
2 years ago
Мысли и сердца детей чисты, поэтому всё возможно...

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Ева Татари
Ева Татари
2 years ago
Дети всегда видят ангелов ангелы играют с ними и т.д если ребенок во сне улыбается значить ангел играет с ним . Взрослые не помнят а ребенок еще мал чтобы сказать когда ребенок подрастает он начинает забывать. Ангелы всегда рядом .

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Елизавета Павлова
Елизавета Павлова
2 years ago
Моя дочь бегала по всей квартире и кричала: постой погоди

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