- what caan be bartered? Timber, crops ( beans), clean water, honeybees, crafts, wine/beer, construction, blacksmithing, shoemaker, livestock, bullets etc. Go offgrid. Do not comply with a cashless system. No chip. I will not turn in my gold and silver. I will barter with it. Underground black market economy. We need to create entire communities of sovereign citizens. So basically... food . clean water tools guns.. some cash.. some gold.. and fertile land away from city with water access. generators or solar panels and books of various expertise like medicines .How to build kinda books etc....

-store grain to feed your many chickens you keep to barter the eggs and meat. you'd then have to guard your stock cos the 'have nots' (and there will be MANY) will over run and steal your stuff from you because they have nothing of worth......thats just one of the many things you are going to need to live not just survive...the preppers living out in the wilds who are doing this already have the jump on all of us and i wouldn't want to be in a city if the shhtf.....you'd want to be as far away from people and roads as possible.

- Do your banking which have no bail-in clause; Bank of North Dakota; 

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