Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Sodium Chlorite, How I Use It, Mix It, What It Does

Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Sodium Chlorite, How I Use It, Mix It, What It Does ....

Nancy Gurish
Published on Feb 25, 2013
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How I mix Miracle Mineral Solution MMS, sodium chlorite, the way I use it, what it helps me with. The mistakes I have made and what went wrong.
- I have experience and have used MMS for several years. Food poisoning, gum disease, heart disease, arterial flow, Herxheimer reaction also.
-Miracle Mineral Solution
"Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) has been a great addition to my tool kit of supplies!
I have used MMS for about 4 years and I'm grateful I've found it!"
*4 years - of use; was written in 2016.
- "When beginning any type of detoxification, it's always wise to begin slowly, and with the Miracle Mineral Supplement, this is especially so.

The Humble protocol states unequivocally that virtually all pathogenic stressors within the body can be completely eliminated within a time span of between 2 - 3 weeks."
-"It all begun back in the mid 1990's whilst Jim was on a mining expidition deep within the jungle's of the South Americas.
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THIS INFORMATION can CURE ANYONE of ALL DISEASE - FAST; 29:53 min.; CC-Ima Google prevod!

THIS INFORMATION can CURE ANYONE of ALL DISEASE - FAST; 29:53 min.; CC-Ima Google prevod!
David Vose
Published on Jun 1, 2017
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Two secrets to heal all disease, the WHOLE truth.
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santini deutch
7 months ago
I am living proof of what you are talking about. 8 years in Mexico, living on the sea of Cortez and Rancho's food and vegies, best shape for many years and now just getting better after being up in the states for 1 year. Sick as a dog and now recovering all because of food. Period. Food alone.
-Esmeralda Fenwick
7 months ago
I know they killed my sister with their meds!! Yea some help that was ! I refuse to go see a Dr. don't trust them !! They are really dope pushers !!
7 months ago
As one of those women who was persuaded to treat breast cancer by having a breast removed and then the area it was removed from was irradiated, I am delighted to come across you and your common sense advice. I have been a lifelong vegetarian and have advice coming out of my ears - but you made sense, simply and believably. I shall get some Potassium Bicarbonate and drink apply cider vinegar each morning. Thank you so much for sayin exactly what I needed to hear.
Kel Shaler
7 months ago
Doctor or PHD in front of name? On some level are you educated and done your residency at a proper hospital? Clinician, scientific researcher? Sitting is your side yard next to your shed with your cat licking it's butt does not make what you professional to be true. Have you done your research on alkalinity and the PH level for Cancer like Dr. Warburg. Dollar store water is tap water, PERIOD. Autoimmune diseases of which there are over 210 types are highly complex and a lot unknown about them. Genetics play a huge role in disease along with environmental issues. Hence, Dr. David, you are not. By the way, do you know how meat is killed and processed. You are spreading poo with the idea that dead animals after the immediate hunt, slaughter, sacrifice are "full" of bacteria. Simply not true. If you are not trained in any of these areas of expertise, for Lord's sake, be quiet and don't lead the uneducated even further down the rabbit hole!!!!!! The ideas are not founded or grounded. Drink the coffee and stay in the lawn chair!
-hris Cook
7 months ago
No offense intended David, but how did come to all of this knowledge? What you say here makes a lot of sense, but I wonder how you can know so much. I thought I was smart, till I saw your vids.
Where and how did you come to the knowledge of health?
-doing it 4444
7 months ago
God Bless You too David How dare you speak the words that reveal the lies we have all been told.. However, there are lots of lies and it seems everything is truthfully the opposite of what we have been told it is. Including tobacco.
-Rob StGeorge
7 months ago (edited)
Much of what he says is totally on the money, but one of the MOST important supplements for better health all around is magnesium citrate, hands down, no argument. (200-400mg daily). It changed my life. I buy the 833mg capsules, open the capsule, split into 4 servings (approx.), 2 servings daily. Take 6-8oz of water, 1 teaspoon of real lemon juice & 200mg of magnesium powder, mix thoroughly, drink. Your body will thank you for it many times over. ;>)
Bracketville August
3 months ago (edited)
Gosh David I agree with you. That have to stop doing DOCTOR SAID. One thing I have to say, we never die. What is detoriating is the host that house us. They body is design to breakdown once the host has been release, or on the verge of being release. WE ARE A HOST That house the SOUL who are us.
-rudy alonso
1 month ago
As i read all of these comments left for David about getting to the point quicker, i say PATIENCE....the man is tranfering info to your hearts and minds to benefit your overall health, mind and spirit....if you do not have the time to listen, then make time because whats more important than taking care of a gift from our CREATOR? Our TEMPLE THAT CARRIES OUR MIND AND SPIRIT....So show GRADITUDE that the man is taking his valuable time to GROW OUR COLLECTIVE KNOWLEDGE....so with that being said, thank you David and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS, amen love you brother....

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